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6 unusual safari destinations around the world

Image of wild elephants walking in a line

Having recently returned from my first ever safari, I can tell you that this is one travel experience everyone should try to have at least once.

The chance to see wild animals in their natural environment, up close and personal, is simply incredible.

But, it’s not all about the famous parks and swanky resorts. Here are a few less typical safaris to consider…

Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Mentioning South Africa as a safari destination might not seem that unusual. But as most people tend to flock to the more famous Kruger National Park, heading instead to the somewhat quieter game reserves in northern KwaZulu Natal can help you avoid the crowds. You’ll also be within easy reach of the beaches of the south or the Drakensberg mountain range, perfect if you want to combine your trip with some hiking or beach time.

Duba, Botswana

Listed amongst the Telegraph’s top ten safaris in Africa, Duba is different because their lion prides hunt during the day. Which means that visitors actually have a chance of watching a lion hunt in the wild. If you’re lucky, you may even see one of the epic battles between lion and buffalo – so have the camcorder ready and embrace your inner Attenborough!

Ladakh, India

Africa might be the king of safari, but there are plenty of other options around the world. High in the Indian Himalayas, you can take a safari to look for the incredibly rare snow leopards that call this stunning mountain landscape home. Even if you’re not lucky enough to spot one, there’s plenty of other fascinating wildlife around, including lynx, ibex, and the Tibetan wolf.

The Pantanal, Brazil

The world’s largest tropical wetland area, the rich ecosystem of the Pantanal in Brazil is an amazing place to see some seriously diverse wildlife. The biggest attraction of a Pantanal safari is the chance to see the rare Pantanal jaguar, but you’ll also spot black howler monkeys, tapir, caiman, and super-cute capybaras.

Khabarovsk, Siberian Russia

One of the most unusual safari destinations in the world has to be the Durminskoye Reserve in Siberia. Whilst this may not sound like your typical safari destination, this is the only place that Amur tigers can be found, so it’s perfect for a more unique experience. Take a Siberian tiger safari for your chance to view one of the world’s largest cats in the wild.

Horseback Safari, Kenya

Heading back to Africa now, for a classic safari – with a twist. A horse back safari in Kenya allows you to get much closer to the game than you might from a 4×4, because the animals will be far less concerned by your presence. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the wild environment, and a truly unique safari experience.

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