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Planning on taking a well-deserved cruising holiday? Perhaps a voyage around the Norwegian Fjords, a trip to the Mediterranean or the sunny Caribbean. If so, purchasing cruise cover from Avanti Travel Insurance will mean that you have a specialist insurance policy to cover all of your cruising needs.

Specialist cruise cover

Whenever you organise a cruise holiday, travel insurance should be an essential part of the booking process. Some cruise operators such as P&O Cruises make travel insurance mandatory. Most other cruise operators, as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, strongly recommend that travel insurance is taken out before departure.

If you are taken ill on a cruise ship you could potentially incur huge medical bills. If, for example, you had to be transferred to the mainland, or even repatriated by helicopter. However, with Avanti Travel Insurance’s cruise cover in place you can enjoy travelling the seas with the peace of mind you are covered for £10 million medical expenses and repatriation.

What you can expect from our travel insurance for cruise holidays

Avanti Travel Insurance’s cruise cover is available on both our Classic and Deluxe Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip policies. Along with all of the standard cover available, you take advantage of added cruise specific benefits such as cruise itinerary change, cruise interruption and cabin confinement cover.

Key features

Unused excursion cover

Unused excursion cover up to £500

 Emergency evening wear

Emergency evening wear hire up to £100


Cruise itinerary change up to £100 per port

Cruise interruption

Cruise interruption up to £1,000

Cabin confinement

Cabin confinement cover of £50 per day up to a limit of £500


(Terms and Conditions apply for all of the above features)

Cruise Policy wording document

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