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Daydreaming in Venice

Venice in winter is made for day-dreaming. In this ghostly water-world, visitors can slip between crumbling porticoes, sumptuous ballrooms and sinister bridges. Winter is about […]

One Week in Costa Rica

Famous for its eco-tourism and stunning wildlife, Costa Rica is a country that should be high on every nature lover’s bucket list. It’s also stunningly […]

Top Ski Destinations in Italy

The Italian Alps extend across Italy’s northern borders and offer all kinds of places to ski, from traditional villages to purpose-built resorts. Whichever ski destination […]

A Mini Guide to Guatemala

A small country in Central America, Guatemala has a rich and beautiful culture that blends vibrant Mayan history with Spanish colonial influences. From the beautiful […]

Off the beaten piste

They say you are ‘over the hill’ once you pass your 40th birthday. If that’s the case then I was skiing down the other side; […]

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