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America on a budget

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A trip to the United States can be a great way to make the most of your holiday allowance from work.

The sheer vastness of the country means that there really is something for everyone here; from skiing trips to beach holidays, the good old US of A has it all.

Although many consider it to be one of the more expensive holiday destinations available, it really doesn’t have to be this way – especially if you are a little savvy about certain things along the way. Here we take a look at some handy tips for a trip across the pond, even if you are doing so on a shoestring!


Flights can certainly bite into anyone’s budget, but many people make one simple mistake – they go direct to the airlines. Nowadays, there’s a better way, and that is to check out the many agents that specialise in long-haul flights. Companies such as Netflights, Trailfinders, and Expedia can bring surprising savings, even when compared to the airlines ‘special rates’.

Many of them will also give you the option of adding your accommodation and car rental to the cost of the flight, giving you further savings akin to the package holidays available elsewhere. and these sites can offer greater flexibility too.

Pick Your Dates

Naturally, flying over to the States during the school holidays in going to come in at a premium, so avoid this time of year at all costs. However, if you are travelling with the little ones, you can still make some hefty savings if you leave your departure until after the 22nd of August. You could see reductions of £200 or more than in the earlier weeks in the month.


While near enough every state in America will have budget accommodation available, some will leave a lot to be desired. There are plenty of cheap options, but be sure to do your homework when selecting where you are going to stay. Sites such as TripAdvisor will give you an idea of the quality of each hotel or motel thanks to their customer review section.

Opting to hold out until just before you set off can be another way to save a few dollars too. Check out LastMinute.com for any price drops. Three to four weeks before you are due to depart can see some spectacular savings, even at the luxury end of the accommodation spectrum.

Then there’s AirBnB. If the thought of having an apartment all to yourself appeals, AirBnB may be just right for you. Prices can be far cheaper than hotel accommodation, but it is not without a certain amount of work in order to secure a spot in someone else’s home. You can save even more money by staying in shared accommodation, where you spend the duration of your stay with the host in residence.

Food and entertainment can be found right across the USA very inexpensively. So now that you have flights and accommodation sorted, all that remains is to buy your USA travel insurance and have a good time.

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