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Pregnancy travel insurance

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Finding the best travel insurance when pregnant

Are you off on a babymoon to relax before your new bundle arrives?

We hope you have a great time, but before you go, let’s make sure you have the right travel insurance when pregnant.

After all, making sure you have the best cover means that you’ll feel confident that if something unexpected happens, that both you and your bump are safe.

Find out more about how our travel insurance can help protect pregnant women below, or call us today on 0800 888 6195 to speak to our friendly team.


It's not just travel insurance, it's travel reassurance!

When you’ve got Avanti Travel Insurance, if something does go wrong - we'll always aim to put it right. Good to know, especially if you’re travelling with pre-existing health conditions.

That’s Travel Reassurance!

What does travel insurance cover and why do I need it as a pregnant woman?

It’s so important that you get travel insurance sorted as soon as you know you’re going away.

Being covered gives you peace of mind that if something unexpected does happen that we’ll be here to help.

It can cover you for a lot of things including cancellations, medical costs while abroad as well as help you get back home safely.

With our travel insurance, you’re even covered for having to cancel your holiday if you find out you’re pregnant and are due to give birth within 12 weeks of your trip*.

It means you can plan your holidays in advance, knowing you’re covered if your plans have to change.

Do I need to declare my pregnancy as a medical condition?

You don’t need to declare being pregnant as a medical condition for travel insurance. But what you do need to do is to declare any pregnancy-related conditions that you may have developed.

This includes having high blood pressure to gestational diabetes or any pregnancy related complications that you’ve been diagnosed with.

Telling us this information means that we can give you the right level of cover to protect you properly.

If you buy a policy that doesn’t cover your medical conditions, then it could mean that you’re not actually covered if something goes wrong.

When it comes to you and your bump, it’s not worth taking the risk.

What’s covered for medical travel insurance related to my pregnancy?

If you have to cancel your holiday or cut it short due to unforeseen emergency medical circumstances related to pregnancy then you could be covered.

This includes specific complications like ectopic pregnancies, preeclampsia and emergency caesareans that are certified by a doctor as necessary to cancel or cut your holiday short.

What it won’t cover you for is normal childbirth – even if it’s a bit earlier than expected.

Cancellation and cutting your holiday short£1,000£5,000£7,500
Medical emergency and repatriation£5 million£10 millionUnlimited
Personal baggage£1,000£2,000£3,000
Missed departure-£1,000£1,500
Money and passport cover£300£500£600
Personal liability£2 million£2 million£2 million

Can I travel when pregnant?

For most pregnant women, it’s perfectly safe to travel when pregnant.

If you are concerned about travelling when pregnant, then it’s worth seeking the advice of your midwife or medical team.

If you’re pregnant, many airlines are likely to need to see a Certificate of Fitness To Fly from your GP or treating specialist, especially if you’re planning on flying after 28 weeks. Each airline is different, so it’s worth checking what the procedure is for yours.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your insurance sorted to give you that much needed peace of mind. Then you can enjoy planning for your holiday and your new arrival.

*If you discover that you’re pregnant after the date of the policy, or the date the trip was booked (whichever was later) and the return date is within 12 weeks (or 16 for multiple births) of the expected date of delivery then you could claim for cancellation cover.

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