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Kidney conditions travel insurance.

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Travel securely with travel insurance for kidney conditions

When you’ve got a kidney condition, it’s important that your travel insurance covers this along with any other pre-existing health conditions.

That way, you can go on your holiday knowing you’ve got protection in place if the worst happens. If anything goes wrong, we’ll always aim to put it right.

Martha holding exotic fruit, surprised

It's not just travel insurance, it's travel reassurance!

Ever get the feeling that some insurers are just waiting to catch you out? With Avanti Travel Insurance, when we say your health conditions are covered - they’re covered.

That’s Travel Reassurance!

Why letting us know about your health condition helps you

When Richard (1) was unable to go on his cruise to celebrate his Golden wedding anniversary, he knew that at least his travel insurance meant he was covered for the cost of his trip thanks to cancellation cover.

But a few months later, just before he was about to rebook his cruise, he was diagnosed with a new medical condition.

We were able to update Richard’s policy so that it included his new medical condition – meaning he could rebook his trip and set off with confidence.

Richard knows just how valuable it is to keep your travel insurance updated to match your health conditions. Then you can go on holiday knowing that if there’s a problem while you’re away, we’ll help you take it in your stride.

Table of benefits

Cancellation and cutting your holiday short£1,000£5,000£7,500
Medical emergency and repatriation£5 million£10 millionUnlimited
Personal baggage£1,000£2,000£3,000
Missed departure-£1,000£1,500
Money and passport cover£300£500£600
Personal liability£2 million£2 million£2 million

Take a look at our policy documents, for full details of what is and isn't covered by travel insurance.

What sort of questions will I be asked about my kidney condition?

To make sure your travel insurance suits your needs, we’ll ask you a few simple questions about your kidney condition and any other pre-existing health conditions.

The questions you’ll be asked will depend on your particular kidney condition, but you can expect questions like the following:

  • How often are you being monitored for your kidney problem?
  • Do you require dialysis?
  • How many unplanned hospital admissions for this problem have you had in the last year?
  • Are you currently awaiting a kidney transplant?

Can I use a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to cover my kidney condition?

If your trip takes you to Europe, you should take an EHIC with you. But always check before travelling that your destination is covered by EHIC.

An EHIC can help you reduce your medical costs. If you use it to get emergency healthcare and you have to pay extra for the cost of medical care, we will remove the excess fee for your medical emergency claim.

In participating countries and territories, an EHIC entitles you to free or subsidised emergency medical treatment when you use a state healthcare provider (like our NHS).

But it’s important to be aware that an EHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance. An EHIC won’t cover you for unexpected costs like having to cancel your trip or come home early for medical reasons.eur

To be covered for these eventualities, you need health conditions travel insurance.

I am awaiting/having dialysis for my kidney condition, will I be covered?

If you are awaiting or having dialysis, you may be able to get Single Trip Travel Insurance, depending on where you’re travelling to.

We can offer single trip cover, for the following locations, but please note this would exclude all pre-existing health conditions. This means if you needed to claim for a medical emergency that was caused directly or indirectly by the health conditions you’ve told us about, we wouldn’t be able to cover you.

  • Belgium
  • Cyprus (excluding Northern Cyprus)
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

You’ll still be covered for medical emergencies and cancellation, as long as they aren’t related either directly or indirectly to your pre-existing conditions. But you’ll still be covered for baggage, lost money and passports.

I’m taking my trip with my family, but they don’t have kidney conditions. Can we all go on the same policy?

Yes you can, and it’s something we recommend over several individual policies. That’s because if one of you has an emergency that causes the holiday to be cancelled – and if you’re all on the same policy, you’re all covered. That’s unlikely to always be the case if you have all bought your policies separately.

Buying your policy together isn’t just convenient. It means you and your family are spared the worry that a medical emergency will come with a financial burden. Instead you can be covered for the cost of your holiday.

What if my kidney condition is terminal, can you still cover me?

We may be able to cover you for your holiday with a single trip policy when your kidney condition is terminal.

We know you’re not defined by having a terminal condition and you may want to enjoy time with friends and family on holiday. But before you go on your trip, it’s really important to make sure it’s safe for you to travel. Speak to your doctors about your travel plans and they’ll be able to give you advice on whether you’re fit to travel. Once you’ve been given the go-ahead, it’s always best to make sure your plans are covered by specialist travel insurance.

Having a terminal kidney condition may not stop you from being insured with us. We’ll need to know that your life expectancy is more than six months after you return back from holiday and that it’s safe for you to travel.

To find out more, or to get a quote for your trip, get in touch with our friendly team on 0800 888 6195, we’re based right here in the UK.

If I’ve already bought my cover and my medical condition changes, should I inform you?

Yes, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you forget to let us know about any of your health conditions, this may affect the validity of your policy and you may not be covered.

If you call our Customer Services Team they will be more than happy to help you update your policy.

Ready? Set? Let’s go get your travel insurance for kidney conditions…

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