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Cancer travel insurance can sometimes be hard to come by, but at Avanti Travel Insurance we can more often than not provide cover for this sadly all too common condition.

Avanti understands that travellers of all ages, not just over 50s can have medical conditions like cancer, which is why we provide holiday insurance for cancer patients regardless of age.

Having a condition such as cancer should not deter you from travelling and our cover can help put your mind at ease.  As with most other conditions, cancer patients should speak to their doctor before making travel arrangements to ensure that they are fit to travel. For any other possible issues surrounding travelling with cancer, see the travel section of Cancer Research UK’s website.

Avanti Travel Insurance offers comprehensive medical travel insurance for a wide range of cancers, including breast cancer, depending on type and diagnosis. All of the travel insurance for cancer patients from Avanti include up to £10million medical and emergency cover for the peace of mind of its customers.

If you are travelling with cancer, call our UK-based contact centre free or use our online quote engine.

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It is important that you tell us everything about your medical condition(s).

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Avanti considers all medical conditions, with many being covered for FREE

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