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Fibromyalgia travel insurance.

Cancellation cover

Up to £7,500 per person with our Deluxe policy.

24/7 medical support

Practical help when you need it.

No age limit

Enjoy travelling whatever your age.

Unlimited medical expenses

Generous emergency medical cover with our Deluxe policy.

Getting you the right cover to travel with fibromyalgia

Having fibromyalgia shouldn’t be a barrier to you enjoying as many holidays as you would like with great travel insurance.

As expert providers of travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, we understand that no two people living with fibromyalgia are the same.

That’s why we have our medical screening process, so you can tell us about the nature of your pre-existing medical conditions and how they affect your daily activities.

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It's not just travel insurance, it's travel reassurance!

When you’ve got Avanti Travel Insurance, if something does go wrong - we'll always aim to put it right. Good to know, especially if you’re travelling with pre-existing health conditions.

That’s Travel Reassurance!

Do I need to declare my fibromyalgia when getting travel insurance?

Yes, it is essential for you to declare your fibromyalgia, along with any other pre-existing medical conditions you may have, when getting travel insurance so we can consider these in your cover.

If you don’t declare having fibromyalgia, or any other pre-existing medical conditions, and need to claim for treatment you received for these conditions, we may not be able to cover this.

We want you to able to travel with confidence, knowing that you’ve got great cover for your fibromyalgia and other pre-existing medical conditions. By telling us about the nature of your pre-existing medical conditions, we can build a level of cover that meets your needs and gives you peace of mind.

Cancellation and cutting your holiday short£1,000£5,000£7,500
Medical emergency and repatriation£5 million£10 millionUnlimited
Personal baggage£1,000£2,000£3,000
Missed departure-£1,000£1,500
Money and passport cover£300£500£600
Personal liability£2 million£2 million£2 million

What will I be asked about my fibromyalgia?

So we can offer a level of cover that best suits you, we will need you to tell us about your fibromyalgia and other pre-existing medical conditions you may have, and how they affect your daily activities.

We respect your confidentiality and will only use the information that you give us about your medical conditions to build cover that is right for you.

Here’s some of the questions we commonly ask:

  • In the last two years, has this condition interfered with your activities of daily living?
  • How many unplanned hospital admissions have you had for this condition in 12 months?
  • Do you experience any back and/or neck pain with this condition?

Is my fibromyalgia covered by my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

If you are planning a holiday within Europe then you will need to get an EHIC as a condition of our travel insurance.

The EHIC is free and entitles you to free healthcare in most European countries when you use their state provided healthcare. Before you travel, it is best to check that your destination is covered by EHIC, so that you can be prepared if you do need any treatment for your condition during your holiday.

Your EHIC is not the same as having good travel insurance for your pre-existing medical conditions and won’t cover you for things that might go wrong, such as having to cancel your holiday. That’s where your travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions comes in. What your EHIC can do is reduce the medical costs where subsidised healthcare is available to you.

If you can use your EHIC to receive treatment during your holiday and you have paid a subsidised fee, we will remove the excess fee for your medical emergency claims.

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