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Are you looking for travel insurance for an enlarged prostate? Avanti Travel Insurance can offer comprehensive prostate travel insurance if you call our office, subject to terms and conditions.

The prostate gland, found only in men, can become enlarged and cause problems when urinating. An enlarged prostate, medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a common condition affecting about 60% of men who are over 60. Having an enlarged prostate does not mean an increased risk of prostate cancer and is not usually a major health risk, but Avanti can also provide cancer travel insurance if required. An enlarged prostate is quite easily treated with medication and bladder training.

Unfortunately due to the increased urgency in needing to urinate, or the time taken to initiate a stream, men are often reluctant to travel with an enlarged prostate. But for many others, travelling with an enlarged prostate is not a problem. Sufferers say that getting the timing right with the prescribed medication is important.

If you call our office, we can provide medical travel insurance for those travelling with an enlarged prostate, subject to terms and conditions. We listen to our customers’ needs and tailor a low cost, fully comprehensive travel insurance policy around their individual medical circumstances.

To obtain a no-obligation quote for cheap travel insurance with prostate cover included, call our UK-based call centre or go online for a quote.

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