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Depression Travel Insurance

Getting the right cover to travel with depression

Depression and mental health conditions should not be a barrier to you being able to see as much of the world as you want to. In fact, a change of scenery could be just what you need to get some headspace and recharge your batteries.

Winner of 21st Annual Personal Finance Award for Best Travel insurance for 2018/19

Having a mental health condition shouldn’t make getting travel insurance difficult. We consider all medical conditions for travel insurance, including mental health conditions, such as depression, so you can travel with the reassurance that you are covered for your health conditions.

We know that for some people with depression, travelling and having a trip in the future to look forward to, can have a huge effect on their mental health. For other people the thought of travelling might cause them anxiety due to the unknown situations and factors beyond their control. That’s why we have a medical screening process, so we can make sure that any cover that we provide is built for your needs.

We know that no two cases of depression are the same. We understand that people can be affected in different ways by mental health conditions, which can shape the way people choose to travel and the destinations that they want to visit. That’s why we have our medical screening process, so we can build travel insurance that covers your medical conditions and meets your individual needs.

If you are ready to get travel insurance that covers depression, you can get a quote online or call our UK based Contact Centre for free on 0800 888 6195.

Do I need to declare my depression when getting travel insurance?

Yes, it is essential for you to declare your depression, and any other medical conditions, when getting travel insurance. We want you to be able to travel with the confidence that you are covered for your medical conditions, so you can travel stress-free and enjoy your holiday.

If you don’t declare any medical conditions when you take out travel insurance with us and then need to make a claim for treatment received for a pre-existing condition during your holiday, we would be unable to cover you for any costs.

We respect your confidentiality and will use the information that you give us to build cover that works for your individual needs.

Let’s get your travel insurance for depression sorted. You can get a quote online or speak to one of our friendly team on 0800 888 6195.

Travelling with depression

We understand that for some people with depression, travelling and taking some time out to relax can help their condition. There are a few things that you can do that will allow you to travel in confidence, knowing that you’ve got your medical conditions covered.

It’s important to choose a holiday that suits your individual needs. You should discuss this with your therapist, if you have one, and work on an action plan with them, so you can be prepared in case your depression flares up during your holiday.

Before you travel it is important to get a letter from your doctor with the names and dosage of any medication you’ve been prescribed, so you can take this, along with proof of your travel insurance, in case you need any treatment during your holiday.

Make sure that you have plenty of medication with you. It is better to pack more than you would normally need so you can be prepared if there are delays to your journey. You should also check whether the medication that you take for any of your medical conditions is allowed in your destination country. If the medication you need to take is restricted in that country, then you will need to contact your travel provider to make the appropriate arrangements to travel.

We know how tempting it can be to try to cram in as much sightseeing and activities as possible during your holiday, but this might mean that you don’t get the time to fully unwind and relax. Set yourself realistic expectations of what you want to see and do on your holiday and have an idea for each day, so you can enjoy each day at your pace without feeling pressured.

Is my depression covered by my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

If you are planning a holiday or trip to Europe, you will need to get an EHIC as part of the conditions of our travel insurance.

The EHIC is free and entitles you to free healthcare in most European countries when you use their state provided healthcare. Before you travel, it is worth checking that your destination is covered by EHIC, so that you can be prepared if you need treatment for any of your medical conditions during your holiday.

Your EHIC is not the same as having good travel insurance for your medical conditions and won’t cover you for things that could go wrong, such as having to cancel your holiday because of a medical emergency. That’s where your travel insurance with pre-existing medical cover comes in. What your EHIC can do is reduce your medical costs where subsidised healthcare is available.

If you can use your EHIC to get treatment abroad and you have to pay a subsidised fee for your healthcare we will remove the excess fee for your medical emergency claims.

Should my family be on the same policy if we are travelling together?

Getting an individual policy that covers your depression and any other medical conditions might seem like a good idea, especially if nobody else in your family has any other medical conditions. Did you know that there are benefits to buying your travel insurance together as a family?

Having all of the family on one policy means that if you needed to cancel your holiday due to a medical emergency we should be able to cover you, so you can claim back the full cost of the holiday.
If you had taken out separate policies for your holiday it’s likely that only the person that’s having the medical emergency would be able to claim back the full cost that they paid, which could leave you out of pocket.

Buying your travel insurance together as a family will give you the added protection and reassurance that you should all be covered if you did need to claim back the full cost of your holiday.

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Why choose Avanti?

Choosing Avanti for your travel insurance with pre-existing medical cover offers you the following benefits:

✔ Specialists in covering people with medical conditions
✔ 24-hour medical emergency helpline
✔ UK based Contact Centre
✔ Easy online quote process
✔ Rated as Excellent on Trustpilot*
✔ Winner of the Personal Finance Best Travel Insurance Award for 2018/19

Benefits of Avanti Travel Insurance

  • No upper age limit on Single Trip and Annual policies
  • Personal liability of up to £2,000,000
  • Cancellation cover of up to £7,500
  • Personal belongings cover of up to £3,000
  • Up to 17 days winter sports cover included on Annual Multi-trips, up to the age of 70**
  • Exclusive policy that covers cruises with a host of additional benefits available
  • Optional Gadget cover of up to £1,000

Types of travel insurance cover we offer

We want you to be able to travel worry-free, so along with cover for your pre-existing medical conditions, we also offer policies to suit you and the types of holidays that you choose.

Once you’ve told us about your medical conditions you can then choose a policy that covers you for holidays on land or one designed exclusively for cruises.

You can then choose whether you want to be covered for a single trip or if you’d like to take out annual cover, so you can plan more trips for the future knowing you are covered for your pre-existing medical conditions.

What types of questions will I be asked about my depression?

So we can offer you cover that best meets your needs, we will need to ask you some of the following questions about your depression:

  • Have you ever had a compulsory admission to hospital as a result of this condition?
  • How many hospital admissions have you had in the last two years?
  • Have you been referred to or treated by a psychiatrist for this condition?
  • Has this condition ever caused you to cancel or cut short any travel plans?
  • Are you currently required to take medication for this condition?

If you feel ready to answer these questions and get a travel insurance quote that meets your needs, call 0800 888 6195.

I’ve already purchased travel insurance for my depression, do I need to keep you updated if my medical conditions change?

Yes, it is essential for you to keep us updated if your medical conditions do change, so we can include these in the cover that we provide.

You will need to let us know about any new conditions before you travel in order to be covered for them on your policy.

You can update the medical conditions on your policy by speaking to our Customer Services Team, who will be happy to help you.

Update your policy now by calling 0808 281 0389.

*Based on over 6,000 reviews on independent review site Trustpilot. Data accurate as of November 2018.
**Medical conditions apply

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