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According to a recent BBC survey, golf is one of the most popular sporting activities for retirees along with walking, fishing and lawn bowls.

Avanti Insurance specialises in providing low cost medical travel insurance to mature travellers and includes travel cover for golf as one of its many activities for free.

If you would like to insure your golfing holiday, Avanti Travel Insurance offers Golf Cover for a small additional premium. If you purchase this golf cover, you will receive a comprehensive cover for your golf equipment including golf clubs, golf bags, non-motorised golf trolley and golf shoes if they are lost, stolen or damaged. Also included in the golf travel insurance is the hiring of golf equipment if yours is delayed during your trip or for the reasons stated above. If you are not well enough to play golf and you are unable to get a refund on your green fees, Avanti Insurance will cover a percentage of this cost for you, including hiring golf equipment and tuition fees.

Purchasing golf travel cover from Avanti is easy, you can either ask the sales agent at time of purchase by calling our UK office free on 0800 888 6195 or by simply ticking the golf cover box if you buy your golf travel insurance online.

   One of the Best Travel Insurers for the over 70s & for medical conditions.  
Mr P Hewes – Essex

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