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Travel insurance for Europe.

Cancellation cover

Up to £7,500 per person with our Deluxe policy.

24/7 medical support

Practical help when you need it.

You’re in control

View and update your policy online in your own time.

Unlimited medical expenses

Generous emergency medical cover with our Deluxe policy.

Travel confidently in Europe with our travel insurance

We know travel may feel different to what you’re used to right now, which is why travel insurance with your needs at the heart of it is so important. With Europe travel insurance you can leave your worries at home and enjoy your adventure, knowing we’re here 24/7, wherever you need us.

Before you travel

Make sure you’re up to date with the latest travel guidance. Always check:

  • FCDO travel advice to make sure it’s safe travel
  • Entry requirements and government advice for your destination

Flexibility to change details online

When you buy a policy from us, you can manage it yourself by logging in to your My Avanti account. Here you can:

  • access policy documents
  • update traveller details
  • change your single trip dates (limits apply)
  • renew an annual policy if you have no changes to make
  • and more.

If you have questions about Covid-19 and how it affects your holiday plans, visit our Covid-19 help page.

Arthur on segway

It's not just travel insurance, it's travel reassurance!

Travel insurance that’s with you all the way - so you’ll be ready to roll, wherever your holiday takes you.

That’s Travel Reassurance!

Covering your trip in Europe against FCDO advice

Travel insurance for Europe can give you the confidence to breathe in the sea air and return to your favourite sun-spots, with us by your side if something unexpected happens.

If you feel safe to travel, you can add our European FCDO Travel Advice Extension to your policy, to get a level of cover if you travel against FCDO advice. That way, you can make the choice to travel based on how you feel, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there should you need us.

Please keep in mind that government travel bans are different from FCDO advice, and we’re unable to cover you if you travel during a travel ban.

What’s more,  a new policy with us includes Covid Cover, for not a penny more. Now, isn’t that peace of mind?

How Europe travel insurance gives you reassurance

The day before her holiday, Liz’s1 doctor unfortunately advised her not to go because of her poor health.

She was disappointed, but relieved to know she had her travel insurance in place and her health conditions covered.

We worked quickly on her cancellation claim and the money reached her bank account three days later.

When you have up-to-date, personalised insurance like Liz, you’ll feel covered from the moment your policy starts.


Table of benefits

Cancellation and cutting your holiday short£1,000£5,000£7,500
Medical emergency and repatriation£5 million£10 millionUnlimited
Discounted COVID-19 tests10% off10% off10% off
Personal baggage£1,000£2,000£3,000
Missed departure-£1,000£1,500
Money and passport cover£300£500£600
Personal liability£2 million£2 million£2 million

Do I need to have had both my Covid jabs to be covered?

As long as you’ve had the vaccines you’ve been offered for Covid-19, you should be covered. If you haven’t been offered both doses yet or you’re medically exempt then you can also be covered.

If you’ve refused any doses of the vaccine or haven’t been able to have a dose you’ve been offered, you won’t be covered.

Do I still need travel insurance if I have a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)?

When the United Kingdom left the European Union on 1 January 2021, the GHIC replaced the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You can still use your EHIC until it expires, though.

Your GHIC gives you access to free or subsidised healthcare while you’re abroad, in select European countries. It also covers your excess payment if you have a valid claim.

It’s important to have a good travel insurance policy as well as a GHIC. Your travel insurance offers you protection if you have to cancel your trip, cut your trip short, or if any of your personal possessions are lost or stolen.

Please remember that you must take a valid EHIC or GHIC with you if you’re travelling to Europe as a condition of our travel insurance.

Do I need to declare pre-existing health conditions?

Yes, it’s very important for you to tell us about any health conditions you have or have had, so we can make sure you have a level of cover that’s just right for you.

We specialise in covering travellers with conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer, so get in touch to talk it through. We’ll take it step by step and won’t rush you.

Please remember, if you don’t let us know of your pre-existing conditions, we may not be able to help if something goes wrong. Forgetting to tell us about something on your medical history could affect your policy, meaning your claim could be refused if you needed to make a claim further down the line.

Which countries does Europe travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance for Europe includes all countries in the Schengen area, such as France, as well as those that are members of the European Union.

There are also some bordering countries on the Mediterranean, such as Turkey, that aren’t in Europe, but are included in our annual travel insurance policy for Europe.

If you’re looking for travel insurance for a single holiday, then you’ll just need to tell us which country (or countries) you’re visiting and we’ll work out the cover you’ll need.

European countrySingle Trip / Long Stay RegionAnnual Region
Bosnia & Herzegovina21
Channel Islands11
Czech Republic21
Faroe Islands21
Isle of Man12
Northern Ireland11
Republic of Ireland21
San Marino21
Spain(including Balearic Islands, Canary Islands)22

If you need an annual travel insurance policy, you’ll need to know which regions you’re travelling to, to make sure your plans can be covered. Take a look at the table above to see which countries fall into region 1 and region 2.

Avoid any confusion by checking this handy table of countries we classify as Europe. If you’re still in doubt, get in touch and we’ll happily point you in the right direction.

The table also states whether the country is classified as region 1 or region 2, which may help when you are considering single trip or an annual insurance policy.

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