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Are you planning a short break of up to 5 days? Our brand new QuickCover travel insurance can have you fully covered in under 2 minutes.

Our QuickCover travel insurance explained

QuickCover provides travel insurance cover for people who are fit to travel, aged 70 or younger, travelling to Europe (excluding Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Cyprus, Canaries, Balearics & Malta) for a period of up to five days booking no more than ten days before departure.

If you’re travelling within the next 10 days and are fit to travel, why not get a quote now? It only takes a couple of minutes.

Couples Annual Travel Tnsurance

QuickCover travel insurance from £10.89*

Are you a little bit Avanti?

*Based on an individual aged 18-49 travelling within Europe on a QuickCover policy and who is fit to travel. Price is correct at time of publishing.

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QuickCover Policy wording document

Intial disclosure document

Initial Disclosure Document (IDD)

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