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Top activities for non-skiers at ski resorts

couple on ski lift surrounded by winter views

What do non-skiers do when the rest of the group head off for the slopes?

Most ski resorts recognise that not everyone wants to ski, and those that do may not want to ski every day. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for the non-skier to choose from…

It’s important that you check your chosen activities are covered by your travel insurance policy before you set off.

Some travel insurance companies need a winter sports add-on on top of a standard policy, for you to be covered properly. Some winter sports activities aren’t covered for personal accident or personal liability and providers can vary in what they offer.


A snowmobile looks like a cross between a motorbike and a sledge. They are easy to master and mean you can explore the countryside around the resort.

There’s a real thrill heading out across a frozen lake at speed. Equally, there’s something special about exploring the forests and wilderness. Finland, Sweden and most North American resorts are best for snowmobiling because of the larger areas of wilderness and frozen lakes.


Depending on the resort, you can ride a sledge pulled by a team of huskies controlled by a musher and guide. Exploring with a guide who controls the dog team is a great way to learn more about the area you’re travelling through. You can usually experience this activity for a couple of hours or take a full-day adventure.


Enthusiasts say “if you can walk, you can snowshoe.” This statement is true but, with equipment that looks like a tennis racket strapped to your feet, you do have to adjust your gait a little!
Snowshoes are designed to stop you sinking into soft snow by distributing your weight over a wider area. All you need is a pair of walking boots as most places will hire you the snowshoes and hiking poles. Once mastered you can take a hike and explore the surrounding countryside.

Ice skating

Ice skating is often considered an après ski activity. Most resorts have an ice rink which non-skiers will find uncrowded during the day when everyone else is on the slopes. Some destinations will have frozen ponds or lakes where you can skate outdoors.

Tobogganing and tubing

There are plenty of slopes around a ski resort and there’s often a section reserved for tobogganing. These are used for toboggan runs which have a few twists and turns. This is particularly true of many North American resorts.

Tubing is a close cousin of tobogganing. You sit in the middle of a rubber ring and slide, somewhat rapidly, down a slope. Lots of fun!

For the non-skier who chooses to be a little less energetic, there are a few activities that are less adrenaline-inducing.

Spa and beauty treatments

Whether in a ski resort or not, most hotels will offer some form of spa treatments. But it’s best to look for a hotel that specialises in spa treatments or is a spa resort in itself. Many of these are open all year round and see skiing as incidental.

A spa is a lot more than a massage and sauna, it’s a chance to relax and take some time for you. Make sure you check what’s available to make the most of the experience, before you arrive at the hotel.

Sleigh rides

Taking a sleigh ride is a great way to explore the area you’re visiting.

In Scandinavian countries, reindeers pull the sleighs, but anywhere else it’s likely to be horses. Often these will be guided tours with a stop for a warming drink and a snack.

Nordic skiing

If the idea of hurtling down a mountainside terrifies you then give Nordic skiing a go. Often called cross-country skiing it is completely different from alpine skiing and uses different equipment and technique. Many resorts will have marked trails of varying length along the valley floor that in summer are gentle hiking trails. Despite the relatively flat terrain, it’s very energetic and a good way to keep fit.

With all these options available it is surprising that more skiers do not leave the slopes and join their non-skiing companions.

If you’re off on a snow holiday, don’t forget your winter sports travel insurance. That way, you can travel with the reassurance that you’ve got the support there if you need it.

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