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Travel & Covid: How we’re protecting our customers

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To help give you peace of mind, we’ve put together some information about how Covid is affecting travel. Find out how to update your plans, what your travel insurance policy covers you for, from when, and where to find other important information you might need.

Am I covered for Covid?

When you take out a travel insurance policy with us, Covid Cover comes as standard. If you bought your policy after 29 April 2021, here’s what’s included:

  • Covid-related emergency medical and repatriation expenses
  • Cancellation or cutting your trip short for Covid-related reasons
  • Additional accommodation/transport if you need it*
  • Daily benefit if you need to self-isolate with Covid while you’re away

Find out more on our Covid Cover page, or contact us if you bought your policy before 29 April.

Can I travel against FCDO advice?

The FCDO has two levels of advice: against ‘all but essential travel’ and against ‘all travel’. This advice is designed to let travellers know if the country they want to go to is safe.

At the moment, it’s mainly about Covid, but it can also be due to other reasons such as natural disasters and terrorism.

Travel providers base a lot of their services on whether the FCDO says it’s safe to travel.

When the FCDO says ‘all but essential travel’ is allowed, you can still get a level of cover with our European FCDO Travel Advice Extension if you need to travel.

Most travel to countries where the FCDO advise against ‘all travel’ isn’t allowed.

Can I travel to red list countries?

The rest of world and red lists let you know what you need to do when you get back to the UK, not whether you can travel or not. Your travel insurance isn’t directly affected by these lists, either.

The government recommends against going to red list countries for leisure.

FCDO advice and entry requirements are most important for knowing whether you can travel or if your travel insurance will be valid

The red list is a mixture of advice against ‘all but essential travel’ and ‘all travel’.

There are always exceptions, though, so keep an eye on the country you’re travelling to before you go and while you’re there.

What restrictions do I need to follow when I travel?

When travelling, you need to pay attention to any FCDO advice and entry requirements for your destination.

When travelling back to the UK, you need to pay attention to the rest of world list and the red list as they let you know the guidelines you need to follow when you return.

Depending on whether you’re fully vaccinated or not will also affect what guidelines you’ll have to follow. For example, people who are fully vaccinated have to take one test when they get back from a ‘rest of world’ list country, but non-vaccinated travellers will need to take three.

Find out more by reading our ‘travelling during coronavirus’ blog.

To class as ‘fully vaccinated’, you have to have had all doses that you have been offered, with the latest being at least 14 days before travelling.

What tests do I need to take?

Testing requirements depend on where you’re travelling and if you’re fully vaccinated. More places are now accepting the faster lateral flow tests (including the UK from the end of October), but plenty still require PCR tests.

You’ll be able to find this out when you look into the entry requirements for where you’re going.

To make it easier for you to get travelling again, we’ve teamed up with Randox Health to give you a 10% discount on Covid tests for travel. Their packages take the hassle away so you can focus on enjoying your next holiday.

What happens if a country changes list?

The rest of world list and the red list don’t affect your travel insurance.

This means that if the country you are planning on travelling to changes list, you won’t be covered to cancel your trip. You might be able to change your dates, at a cost.

If the country you’re currently visiting changes list, you won’t be covered for cutting your trip short. If the FCDO increases their advice against travel to your destination, or if the government says you need to return to the UK, your insurance might be invalidated.

None of the costs associated with a change in the list a country is on can be claimed on your travel insurance.

What if my holiday can’t go ahead?

If your holiday can’t go ahead, you need to first contact your holiday provider. If the government imposes a travel ban or your destination changes list, they might be able to help.

You won’t be covered to travel against any government travel bans or FCDO advice, unless you have the extension for ‘all but essential travel’ advice.

Can I change my dates?

If your travel provider needs to cancel your holiday, they should be responsible for rearranging your travel dates.

If you rebook, we can:

  • Change your single trip policy start date as long as it’s within 18 months of the date you bought your policy, or 24 months if you bought your policy after 29 April 2021 and are eligible (this may come at a cost).

If you do need to make changes, please make sure you do so before you travel.

Can I cancel my trip?

You can cancel your travel insurance policy within the 14-day cooling off period. If you do, we will offer you a full credit voucher refund or a cash refund.

Credit vouchers are valid for 36 months, just as long as you haven’t travelled and haven’t, or aren’t intending to, make a claim on your policy.

You can use your credit voucher to pay in full or part pay for your future travel insurance policy.

*Additional accommodation and transport will only be granted if it is deemed necessary by our medical officer.

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