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Where to go in Europe for a white Christmas

Image of Salzburg in winter

With just over 3 weeks to go, I think it’s about time for us all to get a little bit excited about Christmas! But if, like me, you’re dreaming of a white Christmas this year (or maybe just a bit of an escape from the ordinary), why not consider a last minute trip in search of some guaranteed snow?

To find a truly white Christmas in Europe, it’s best to head to the Alps or to Skandinavia. The further north you are, the stronger the chance of snowfall. Here are a few of the best destinations to consider to find snow in Europe for Christmas…

Icehotel, Sweden

Located way up north in the small village of Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland, the Icehotel is the world’s first hotel made of natural ice and snow. It’s not only an incredible accommodation option, but an ever changing work of art. Every year the Icehotel is reborn in a new guise. As well as being surrounded by ice and snow, you can indulge in some fantastic wintry activities here. See the northern lights, try your hand at ice sculpting, or take a reindeer sled ride. It’s seriously festive!

Salzburg, Austria

Plenty of cities in Europe have a strong chance of snowfall at Christmas. One of the most picturesque is Salzburg, where the narrow medieval streets of the Old Town create the perfect backdrop to a white Christmas. Although snowfall isn’t guaranteed, the surrounding Alps will be seasonably white and provide a great excursion for skiing or other snowy activities.

Tallinn, Estonia

All too often overlooked, Tallinn is a beautiful city in winter and has a pretty good chance of seeing some snowfall. It’s also home to a 500 year old Christmas market, and some seriously strong Christmas traditions. Reputedly the birthplace of marzipan, Tallinn goes crazy for the almond delicacy around Christmas, making this a great option for anyone with a sweet tooth. Hunt it down at the markets or head to the Kalev Marzipan Room, a museum and shop where you’ll find hundreds of marzipan figurines on display.

Finnish Lapland

For families with young children, is there any better place to take a Christmas holiday in Europe than to the home of Santa himself? Head to Finnish Lapland to stay in a cosy hotel or log cabin in a snowy paradise. Resorts like Santa’s Lapland, Nordic Experience, Father Christmas Village and SantaPark offer up a plethora of winter activities from dog sledding to skiing, alongside the chance for a personal visit with Father Christmas in his workshop. Is there any better option for a white Christmas in Europe?

Whatever destination you choose if you are jetting off this Christmas time, dont forget your travel insurance. Our travel insurance is perfect for short Christmas breaks of up to five days, alternatively our Single Trip insurance will provide you with cover for all of your adventures.

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