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Over 70s Travel Insurance

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Over 70s travel insurance

Travelling over 70? No problem, only possibilities. If you’re over 70, your further adventures in life may include travel. Do you want to strike out for new horizons, or is there a favourite place you can’t wait to get back to?

Wherever you’re thinking of going, you’ll be wanting to make sure you’re properly prepared. That means making sure you have the right holiday insurance cover for your circumstances, especially if you have medical conditions. And that’s where Avanti Travel Insurance can help.

You might have already heard of us – over a quarter of our new customers come to us on recommendation from existing customers. Our average customer age is 70, so we have experience in knowing the kind of things – medical and non-medical – that are likely to matter most to you on your travels.  It’s why our existing customers keep coming back to us. And we’d like to welcome you aboard.

Whether you have in mind a quick flit to and from Europe, or that longed for worldwide trip, with the help of our award-winning customer service team, you’ll be able to choose the policy that really meets your individual needs. And you’ll be buying it at a good price. With Avanti Travel Insurance you can travel with a spring in your step… and peace of mind.

Tailored holiday insurance for the over 70s

It’s a fact of life that over 70s are more likely to have minor or even complex medical conditions. And you might think that could be a problem. But we ever only think ‘possibility’. All of our policies are tailored around you to cater for your medical circumstances. We provide cover for a very wide range of medical conditions, including cancer, heart attack, diabetes and leukaemia, and you’ll find that many conditions are covered for no extra cost.

You can call us now on 0800 888 6195, or get an easy online quote.

How does our travel insurance work?

When you talk to Avanti Travel Insurance, we’ll guide you through a simple, 6-step quotation and purchase process. We’ll establish where you want to travel, for how long, and your individual medical circumstances.

We’ll also make clear your additional options are, such as buying an excess waiver – which means that you do not need to make any contribution towards a claim if you do need to make one.

And at the end of the process, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’re properly covered. That means you’ll have more time to spend on planning your holiday delights and packing your suitcase: now… flip-flops or walking boots?

What different holiday insurance policies are available?

We know holidays come in different shapes and sizes. With Avanti Travel Insurance you have a choice of Single Trip, Long Stay and Annual Multi-trip policies. You can also choose different levels of cover, including Classic and Deluxe, depending on the amount you want to be insured for.

With a Single Trip policy there’s no upper age limit, and you can travel anywhere in the world for a maximum of 104 days.

We also offer long stay policies up to the age of 75, covering you for as much as 366 days if your destination is in Europe. Trip duration’s reduce for Worldwide destinations, please refer to the below table, policy document or call us for further details.

Age Europe all countries WW Excluding WW Including
0-65 550 days
66-70 366 days 276 days 184 days
71-75 366 days 184 days 123 days

Need cruise travel insurance?

If you’re thinking of travelling by river or ocean, you may be aware that misfortune on a voyage can create additional levels of cost and inconvenience than on most other holidays. Proper travel insurance is pre-requisite for such eventualities. That’s why we offer a special Cruise policy.

As well as providing the excellent benefits you’ll find in all our policies, it covers you for a boatload of maritime unforseeables, including Cruise Itinerary Change, Cabin Confinement, Cruise Interruption, and even Emergency Evening Wear. And it’s available at two levels of cover, Classic and Deluxe.

So long as you bring your sea-legs, we’ll help take care of any other unexpected ups and downs.

So if you’re a traveller over 70, why not get in touch with us today.  You can call our friendly contact centre on 0800 888 6195, or get a quote online.


Key features

Cancellation cover of up to £10,000

Cancellation cover of up to £7,500

Personal belongings cover of up to £5,000

Personal belongings cover of up to £3,000

Medical expenses of up to £10 million

Unlimited medical expenses on Deluxe policies

24 hour medical emergency helpline

24-hour medical emergency helpline

Would an annual policy save you money?

Going on more than one holiday this year? Annual travel insurance may work out cheaper, allowing UNLIMITED trips for up to 183 days over a 12 month period


Essentials, Classic and Deluxe Policy wording document

Cruise Policy wording document

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