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Epilepsy Travel Insurance

Getting the right cover to travel with epilepsy

Epilepsy shouldn’t stop you from seeing as much of the world as you want to.

Winner of 21st Annual Personal Finance Award for Best Travel insurance for 2018/19

We know that finding travel insurance to cover your epilepsy, and any other pre-existing medical conditions, can seem stressful. That’s why we consider all medical conditions for cover, including epilepsy, so you’re in the right place for getting great cover and peace of mind for when you travel.

We appreciate that epilepsy is not a condition that only affects the over 50s; we provide cover for lots of younger people with epilepsy too, and can build a quote to suit your needs.

Get your epilepsy travel insurance quote online or call us for free on 0800 888 6195.

Do I need to declare my epilepsy for travel insurance?

Yes, it is essential that you declare your epilepsy, and any other medical conditions you have, when getting travel insurance with us. If you do not tell us about any medical conditions, we will be unable to cover you if you did need to make a claim for any treatment related to these conditions.

As specialist providers of medical travel insurance we know that one-size doesn’t fit all. We understand that people with epilepsy aren’t affected in the same way and that seizures, and their triggers, can be different for each person. That’s why we have a medical screening process, so we can make sure that any cover we are able to give you is fair and meets your individual needs.

By telling us about the nature of your condition and any medication that you take to control your epilepsy, we can work out how best to cover your condition so you can travel stress-free.

Will I be covered if I have a seizure in the days before I travel?

You will need to update us if you have a seizure before you travel, or if you’ve recently changed the medication you take for your epilepsy so we can consider this. If you have been advised by your doctor that it is not safe for you to travel due to this recent seizure then we would not be able to cover you for them, or any related conditions.

If your doctor has advised you are safe to travel after your most recent seizure, you will need to check with your airline and travel provider to see whether there are any restrictions to your travel because of this. If you are given the go-ahead to travel, that’s great!

When you travel make sure the cabin staff on your flight are aware of your condition so you can travel with peace of mind.

Travelling with epilepsy

As an expert provider of medical travel insurance we know that there are a few precautions you can take when travelling with epilepsy that will help you to have a comfortable journey.

Before you travel, you need to make sure you have plenty of medication to take with you on your trip. It’s better to pack more than you would usually need in case of any delays to your travel plans.

Consider your medication; does it need to be kept at a certain temperature to be effective? If your medication needs to be kept cool you could take a small icebox with you, as well as a letter from your doctor explaining the importance of keeping your medicine cool. Along with your medication you should consider taking a medical card with you that details your condition and medication, and a bracelet that identifies your condition (if you have one) in case of emergencies.

Before you travel it’s worth making sure that the people you are travelling with know what they need to do if you have a seizure or episode during the holiday. It may sound overly cautious but it will give your travel companions some peace of mind that they can help you if they need to, before seeking medical help.

Is my epilepsy covered by my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

If you are planning a holiday or trip to Europe, you’ll need to get an EHIC.

The EHIC is free and entitles you to free healthcare in most European countries when you use their state provided healthcare. It is worth checking whether your destination is covered by EHIC before you travel in case you need treatment for your epilepsy during your visit, so you, and the people you’re travelling with, can be prepared.

Your EHIC is not the same as having good travel insurance for your pre-existing medical conditions and won’t cover you for things that go wrong, such as cancelling your holiday due to a medical emergency. That’s where your pre-existing medical cover comes in. What your EHIC can do is reduce your medical costs where subsidized healthcare is available.

If you can use your EHIC and you have had to pay a subsidized fee for your healthcare during your holiday, we will remove the excess fee for your medical emergency claims.

Should my family be on the same policy as me if we are travelling together, even if they don’t have any medical conditions?

You might think that it is better to buy a separate policy for your epilepsy to the people you’re travelling with, especially if none of them have any pre-existing medical conditions. However, buying your travel insurance policy together as a group can often be cheaper and also gives you many additional benefits.

The biggest benefit of buying your travel insurance together is being reassured that you should all be covered if you have to cancel your holiday due to a medical emergency, or if you were restricted from travelling due to a recent seizure. If you had purchased separate policies, it’s may be that only the person who is having the medical emergency will be able to claim the full cost of their holiday back.

So buying your cover together on the same policy will give you and your family the added reassurance that you could claim back the full cost of your holiday in an emergency if you needed to.

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Why choose Avanti?

Choosing an Avanti policy for your epilepsy travel insurance will give you the following benefits:
✔ Specialists in covering people with medical condition
✔ 24-hour medical emergency helpline
✔ UK Call Centre
✔ Easy online quote proces
✔ Rated as Excellent on Trustpilot*
✔ Winner of the Personal Finance Best Travel Insurance Award for 2018/19

Benefits of our Travel Insurance

  • No upper age limit on Single Trip and Annual policies
  • Unlimited medical expenses on Deluxe policies
  • Cancellation cover of up to £7,500 (Cruise cancellation cover of up to £10,000)
  • Up to £1,000 Hospital Daily Benefit
  • Personal liability of up to £2,000,000
  • Personal belongings cover of up to £3,000
  • Up to 17 days winter sports cover included on Annual Multi-trip policies, up to the age of 70**
  • Optional Gadget cover of up to £1,000 on all policies
  • Exclusive policy for cruises with a host of additional benefits available

What is Hospital Daily Benefit?

We understand how frustrating it is to spend time in hospital waiting for treatment when you’d rather be enjoying your holiday. That’s why we include Hospital Daily Benefit of up to £1,000 on our Classic and Deluxe cover.

So if you are admitted to a state recognised hospital abroad as an in-patient for over 24 continuous hours, we can help you in your time of need.

Types of policy that we offer

When you are choosing the cover that you need it’s important to consider what you want to be covered for, other than your pre-existing medical conditions.

Depending on the type of policy you need, we have different levels of cover available. You can choose to buy cover designed exclusively for cruise travel or a policy for holidays on land. Once you’ve decided on the type of cover you need, you can then choose how long you’d like to be covered for, it could be for a single trip or annual cover.

When choosing the best policy for your needs, it’s a good idea to think about what you need to cover first. Making sure that you are covered for the amount you’ve paid for the holiday per person is important, in case you need to cancel or cut your holiday short.

It might be tempting to choose a cheaper option but these may only cover a percentage of your holiday costs if you needed to cancel your holiday for unforeseen circumstances.

What types of questions will I be asked about my epilepsy?

As part of our medical screening process we will need to ask you some of the following questions about your epilepsy, and the nature of your seizures, to make sure we are able to cover you:

  • If awake, do you normally lose consciousness during a fit/seizure?
  • How many fits/ seizures causing loss of consciousness have you had in the last four weeks?
  • How many fits/ seizures causing loss of consciousness have you had in the last six months?
  • How many unplanned hospital admissions have you had your epilepsy/ seizures in the last year?
  • How many different medicines do you take for your epilepsy/ seizures?
  • How long ago was your first fit/seizure?

If you are ready to answer these questions and get travel insurance for your pre-existing medical conditions, you can get a quote online or call us for free on 0800 888 6195.

I’ve already purchased epilepsy travel insurance; do I need to update you if my medical conditions change?

Yes, it is essential for you to keep us updated if your medical conditions change so we can include these within the cover we provide. You will need to let us know about any new conditions before you travel on your policy in order to be fully covered for them.

You can update your pre-existing medical conditions on your policy by calling our Customer Services Team, who will be happy to help you.

Update your cover today by calling 0808 281 0389.

*Based on over 6,000 reviews on independent review site Trustpilot. Data accurate as of November 2018.
**Medical conditions apply

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