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How will Brexit affect my travel plans?

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With the UK set to leave the EU, many Brits are concerned about how Brexit will change the way we travel to Europe and how these changes will affect travel insurance.

With this current uncertainty before the deadline date, it’s difficult for anybody to say what will definitely happen in terms of travel arrangements.

Below, we’ve answered some of the common questions and concerns we’ve been asked about how Brexit will affect travel and the cover we can offer you as an Avanti Travel Insurance customer.

I’m planning a trip abroad, how will Brexit affect my holiday plans?

If you’ve booked a package holiday, you will benefit from the most comprehensive consumer protection as the UK Government confirms that Package Travel Regulations will remain in the UK law when the UK leaves the EU.

If you’re taking medication, you must ensure you have taken enough supplies with you in case your return trip is delayed or cancelled. You must ensure you don’t place medication in the hold in case your suitcase is temporarily or permanently lost by the airline, train, coach or Ferry Operator.

Will my current passport be affected by Brexit?

When going on holiday to the EU after the deadline, the UK government recommends you have six months left on your passport, on the date of arrival in an EU country.

Will there be restrictions on where I can travel to after Brexit?

We expect Brexit to have a low impact on travel arrangements for customers travelling. The UK Government and the EU Commission have publicly stated that there won’t be any disruption to air travel, even in the event of a hard Brexit.

To be safe, you should always check with your airline, tour operator or travel agent that your planned journey hasn’t been affected by any Brexit related issues.

How will Brexit affect my holiday if my trip is already booked?

If you’re concerned that your booked holiday won’t go ahead because of Brexit related issues, you should contact your travel agent, tour operator or airline first, for guidance and support.

If your flight, train journey or ferry crossing is delayed or cancelled as a result of Brexit, you won’t be covered by Avanti. You will need to contact your travel agent, tour operator or airline as it will be their responsibility to help resolve this issue.

If you decide to change your travel plans as a result of Brexit, we will transfer the period of cover, duration and/or destination to a new departure date. Please note that additional costs may be charged and the new departure date must be within 6 months of your original departure date.

Will I be covered for medical expenses when abroad, if my EHIC isn’t accepted?

If the UK leaves the EU with no deal, access to Healthcare in EU countries may be affected.

You should still apply for an EHIC, prior to travelling to Europe, and still use it if you require medical treatment. In the event of a public hospital or clinic not accepting your EHIC, please contact the 24 Hours Helpline (the number provided in your Avanti policy booklet) who will ensure you get suitable treatment. Where appropriate, we will cover reasonable medical emergency costs, subject to your claim being validated.

Please note, we do not anticipate any issues with customers contacting our Claims or 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Helplines, as a result of a Hard Brexit. Major UK mobile phone providers, such as O2, EE and Vodafone, have reassured customers that they will continue providing service with standard UK roaming charges.

Will my travel insurance policy still cover me if my return trip is affected by Brexit?

We will extend your cover for a further 72 hours if you find yourself stranded abroad due to your planned return journey being affected by Brexit, while you secure new arrangements through your airline, travel agent or tour operator.

Will I be able to claim for travel delay, additional accommodation or alternative arrangements to get me home if my flight is cancelled?

In most cases, your airline, tour operator or travel agent is responsible for offering alternative arrangements or refunds if your flight is cancelled.

If you require further information or have any questions concerning Brexit and how it will affect your travel insurance, contact us on 0800 888 6195.

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