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16 Oct

Can you stay away from your gadgets on holiday?

Gadgets on Holiday

Gadgets on Holiday

A survey carried out by a leading cruise holiday operator has revealed the extent of how important electrical gadgets are to our holidays, with more than half of the people in the survey saying they couldn’t get through a holiday without accessing them.

Whether it’s to pass time at the airport playing a smartphone game, surfing on the internet to find places of interest on your holiday, or even to brag to friends and family at home about your experiences, it seems electrical gadgets are just as important to pack as yearly travel insurance documents.

It all stems from a survey that was carried out by Royal Caribbean International, which found that on average a family will send four text messages, two personal emails and two work emails per day. Of those surveyed, 51 per cent said they can’t get through their holidays without having access to their gadgets, whilst 52 per cent said that gadgets can help to enhance their getaways.

Social Media also proving popular

It also suggests that social media interaction has also seen a considerable increase in popularity, with the average family sending one Vine, two Snapchats, four Instagrams, three Tweets, four images on Pinterest and four Facebook updates. The developments suggest that while so many look forward to a holiday for the chance to get away from home, the opportunity to communicate with friends and family is seemingly irresistible.

The survey also looked closer at the attitudes of social media interaction depending on gender, with men twice as likely as women to add a new post about their holidays.

Perhaps the most surprising finding of the study is that adults are more likely to be found on gadgets than children, with 21 per cent of adults saying there’s a higher chance that they would be on their gadgets as opposed to the youngsters.

Whichever way you like to spend your getaways in the sunshine, be sure to arrive with comprehensive over 60s travel insurance cover to ensure you get complete peace of mind.

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