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4 Nov

The World’s Best Rail Journeys

We Take A Look At Four Of The Finest Railway Journeys In The World

Eastern Oriental Express - Carriage with fanciful view

Train journeys offer the traveller a more sedate mode of transport than the hurried routes taken by air, road and sea, but which four are the pick of the bunch?

For many, spending time gliding along the rails whilst on a train is the optimal way to travel. It offers the traveller an opportunity to relax and take in the scenery as it slips past the window, giving the journey a cinematic element that simply cannot be replicated by any other mode of transport.

However, not all train journeys are equal. Some have been immortalised in literature while others may just be personal favourites, each as individual as one’s taste in clothing, food, or music. Nevertheless, there are some favourites that everyone can agree on, and hopefully we list some of them here:

The Trans-Siberian Express

Possibly one of the most famous railway journeys in the world, the Trans-Siberian is one that all fans of train travel must experience at least once in their lifetime. There are three routes to choose from, although the true Trans-Siberian is the longest, taking seven days to complete and covering just over 9,250km of stunning Russian landscape.

In order to get the most from your trip you’ll need to book somewhere between May and September so that you can enjoy the longer daylight hours of the summer months. Winter travel is cheaper, though, so you may wish to opt for an out of season trip if finances are a little tight.

The Canadian

Ask any train enthusiast what the best way to see Canada is and you are likely to get a ringing endorsement for The Canadian. The beautiful 1950s splendour of the cars is only rivalled by the view outside of the window. Canada is a truly breathtaking country.

The route that The Canadian takes is second to none, stretching out over 4,500km between Toronto and Vancouver, taking in some of the most dramatic scenery anywhere on the planet along the way.

The Maharajas’ Express

The Maharajas’ Express comprises of 19 luxury cars and is one of five such trains operating in India today. Routes vary for this wonderful train, but it remains one of the most impressive ways to see this beautiful country and bask in its world-renowned ‘artistic light’.

Daytime travel excursions are available at some points via a Mercedes coach and the train makes its way through the country each night. Each of the 19 cars is maintained to a very high standard and the helpful staff are always on hand should you need them.

The Orient Express

No list of great railway journeys would be complete without mention of The Orient Express. Probably the single most romantic train trip you’ll ever take, the Orient Express carries you through what are arguably Europe’s finest cities: London, Paris and Venice.

The infamous chocolate-brown livery of the British-made Pullman train greets you as you board in London, and from that moment on you are whisked through a fairy-tale journey that will live forever in your heart. Once in France you’ll switch to a royal-blue train – naturally – and begin your trip across mainland Europe, taking in the Austrian Alps, Switzerland and Northern Italy before arriving at your destination – the beautiful city of Venice.

Whichever you regard as the finest, travelling by train has something about it that simply cannot be equalled by road, sea or air. So, book your worldwide travel insurance today and set off on your own railway adventure – it really is the only way to travel.

Photo by Simon Pielow.