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Surfing in the Med
29 Jun

Where Are The Best Places To Surf in the Med?

Our Pick Of The Best Mediterranean Surfing Spots

The Mediterranean may not have the monster swells of more famous surfing spots, but it has a number of beaches which offer great surfing conditions for experienced surfers and novices alike.

With summer here at last, many people are heading to the beach in search of the perfect wave. If you’re planning a surfing holiday this year, you don’t need to fly halfway across the world to find a great spot. Europe has some of the best surfing beaches in the world and although the Mediterranean often gets overlooked as a surfing destination, there are some hidden gems to be found – and the warm temperatures and gentle swells are particularly suitable for less experienced surfers.


If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, try heading to Gibraltar. This small island has some great surf but you’ll find the eastern coastline to be pretty much deserted – at times you might be the only one out there riding the waves. For good conditions and consistent swells try Eastern Beach close to the airport, or the nearby Caleta which is just 2 km away.

Surfing in Gibraltar is prohibited, during summer days, between 10am and 8pm. But don’t let that put you off as the best time of year for surfing is actually in autumn, winter and spring, when swells from the Atlantic cross the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean.

Sardinia, Italy

Despite being located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinian surfing offers all the thrills of the open ocean. With strong winds producing impressive waves of up to five metres, it’s little wonder that the Italian island attracts surfers from all over the world. Head to the Sinis Peninsula along the western coast for the best surfing spots, including Capu Mannu’s giant granite cliff, Is Arenas Reef and Is Benas. This area is also home to Sardinia’s first surfing school. Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding are also popular in Sardinia, with the best spots being found to the south of the island.

Tinos, Greece

Greece has a number of good surfing spots, including Athens, Preveza and various locations in the Peloponnese. Vouliagmeni beach break in Athens is a favourite with many surfers, but the surf is not particularly consistent and the water can get very crowded. Instead, take a short ferry ride to Kolibithra beach on Tinos in the Cyclades Islands. This beautiful beach is one of the best organised in Greece for surfing, offering fun waves and a friendly atmosphere. It also has a surf school to help you to hone your board skills. The spot is a beach break that works best with northerly winds. When the surfing is done for the day, visitors to the island can enjoy great food and lively nightlife.


While it may not have the biggest waves in the world, Israel offers over 180 miles of sandy beaches, virtually shark-free waters and mild temperatures that make surfing pleasant all year round. You can surf pretty much anywhere in the country and there are a number of great beaches to choose from, including several in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. During the summer, waves range from about one and a half, to three feet, making it perfect for beginners, while the winter swells of six to ten feet are better suited to more experienced surfers.

Don’t forget, that while it’s fun, surfing can also be dangerous so it’s important to ensure you have adequate European travel insurance that offers cover in case of accident or injury. Surfing is classed as an adventure sport and so may not be covered in many standard policies. Our insurance provides free cover for over 90 sports and activities, including surfing, leaving your mind free to concentrate on finding the perfect wave.