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Officer on a cruise ship gets paid to travel
23 Jun

9 Ways To See The World For Free

Travelling The World Doesn’t Need To Cost A Fortune

What could be better than travelling and seeing the world? Travelling and seeing the world for free!

We all love to dream of visiting far flung destinations but often the combined costs of flights and accommodation means it’s beyond the reach of many. For those of you who yearn to travel but don’t have the budget to do so, you need to get creative. Here’s a few ways you can see the world for free (or almost), turning your dream into a reality.

1. House Swaps

A home exchange consists of staying in someone else’s home, while they come and stay in yours. House swaps are growing in popularity and are a great way of getting free accommodation, particularly as most homes are pleasant and comfortable and in desirable locations. You can advertise independently or go through an online agency which is recommended, as the homeowners are vetted and have to follow a strict criteria.

2. House Sitting

Popular in America and Australia, you can find a house sitting job by word-of-mouth, advertising or through an online agency. You’ll need to prove you’re trustworthy and house sitting usually includes looking after pets, so if you’re not an animal lover, it may not be for you.

3. Volunteering

This is a great way for students to travel while doing something meaningful during their gap year. There are plenty of projects to choose from around the world and it’s also worthwhile getting a TEFL qualification before you set off.

4. Working On A Cruise Ship

Whatever your skills, from beautician to waiter, you’re sure to find a suitable position on a cruise ship where you’ll earn a decent wage while seeing the world. Salaries may be low, but working on cruise ships also means free accommodation and food, along with a tax free income.

5. Cabin Crew

If you’ve got good people skills and like wearing a uniform, life as a long-haul flight attendant allows you to see the world while stopping over in top class hotels. You have to put up with constant jet lag and permanently packed suitcases though.

6. Working For Virgin

Virgin Atlantic staff have some of the best travel perks in the airline industry. You get 7 free standby tickets a year to any of their worldwide destinations with the possibility of an upgrade too. You have to be flexible though and accept that you won’t get on every flight.

7. Family And Friends Concessions

British Airways staff get 2 free flights a year and can nominate one person to also take advantage of their concessions, so if anyone in your family works for BA, it’s worth keeping them sweet!

8. Reward Points

Frequent flyer points can be redeemed with almost anything nowadays including supermarket loyalty cards, credit card points and airline frequent flyer programmes. Every time you go shopping, your points will add up, and when you have enough you can exchange them for free flights and upgrades.

9. Contests

There are literally thousands of free holiday competitions out there. It’s a bit of a lottery, but someone’s got to win!

You may need to work at it, but it is perfectly feasible to get to see the world without having to pay a fortune. Avanti Travel Insurance can provide you with the best value travel insurance so you can enjoy your travels with peace of mind.