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17 Jun

WARNING: Stay safe on holiday

WARNING: Stay safe on holidayAs featured recently by the Telegraph online, we agree that British holiday-makers could fall victim to rising crime when they jet off for their favourite European hot spots as high youth unemployment triggers an upsurge in petty crime, confidence tricks and muggings, as well as outbreaks of civil unrest.

British consulates in Spain are reporting rising numbers of street crimes, with many involving stolen passports. Similar problems are happening in other European destinations.

Insurance experts say this is the result of economic unrest and austerity measures, with high unemployment fuelling increased crime. Among the under-25s, 63pc are jobless in Greece, 56pc in Spain, 43pc in Portugal and 41pc in Italy, according to the latest reports from the EU statistics office, Eurostat.

Malcolm Tarling, a spokesman for the Association of British Insurers, said: “Economic conditions can impact on insurance claims. British tourists can be easy targets and many are crime victims waiting to happen.”