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18 Nov

Virgin America In-Flight Meals Are Voted Best

New Summer Menu 2015 7

One of Virgin America’s In-Flight Meals

World’s Best Award Winners Are Revealed

Travel and Leisure readers have voted in the annual ‘World’s Best Awards’. Find out which airlines top the domestic and international categories.

In-flight meals on a plane do not usually attract much positivity. Passengers typically get issued tiny plastic cutlery with which to eat rubbery meat, a small bread roll with a cube of cheese and a gelatinous fruit pot. However, there are some airlines that do go the extra mile in providing a fantastic selection of airline meals that could just as easily be found in a popular restaurant at home.

World’s Best Airlines Poll

Travel and Leisure conduct an annual ‘World’s Best Awards’, as voted for by their readers, and they use this data to determine amongst other things which airlines serve the tastiest in-flight meals. Virgin America is the clear winner of the US Domestic category, whilst it is Singapore Airlines that wins the International vote. The top five winners in each classification are listed below:


  1. Virgin America
  2. JetBlue Airways
  3. Hawaiian Airlines
  4. Southwest Airlines
  5. Alaska Airlines


  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Emirates
  3. Qatar Airways
  4. Cathay Pacific Airways
  5. Air New Zealand

Virgin America’s Send-To-Seat Delivery

Richard Branson’s airline excels at customer service and their approach to creating the perfect dining experience for on-board customers includes an innovative touch screen system from which to order meals and snacks from. Airline diners can choose to order for themselves or alternatively break the ice by sending food to another passenger using the send-to-seat delivery service. You can see a sample of their meals in the summer 2015 menu.

High quality snacks include treats such as sea salt caramel popcorn, chocolate macaroons, basil citrus turkey jerky or delicious chocolate chip cookies, whilst the current full menu lists delights such as a Ginger Beef Wrap, Korean Chicken Sandwich, Mexican Cheese Plate or a Protein Box. Veggies are also well catered for and children can be entertained with the Jet Set Kid Pack which includes ‘squeezables’, snack sticks and fruit pots.

The selection of beverages available from the on-board bar is also impressive. Alongside a range of complimentary drinks, flyers can choose to purchase herbal teas and alcoholic spirits, fine wines and champagne.

International Dining

Airlines that offer long-haul flights perhaps have even more pressure on them, as the percentage of passengers who are likely to sample the full dinner menu is far larger than those on a short-haul domestic flight.

Singapore Airlines have risen to this challenge by investing in a pressurised tasting room which allows the chefs to imitate the exact atmosphere of eating and dining on a flight. The Asian and International dishes on the menu are created to fully reflect the cuisines of the regions that Singapore Airlines travels to.

There are many airlines that still have a poor reputation for the quality of dinner that they serve to customers and some might even complain about tummy bugs that they believe are caused by the airline food.

Before you fly, it’s always wise to take out some travel insurance. Passengers might also do well to consult the list of Travel and Leisure Awards winners to check that they’re booking with the best that the industry has to offer.