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Vegan Travel Tips

29 Nov

Vegan Travel Tips

With November bringing with it the return of World Vegan Month todays post is full of hints and tips to help make vegan travel as stress-free as possible.

Starting right from the moment you book your trip planning and preparation pre-trip is a must. Using the plethora of great websites, apps and books that are out there now, spend time with your travel buddies writing lists of places that are good for vegans. While you might not want to have an exact itinerary for your trip, having lots of options when it comes to places suitable for vegans to eat will really help in making your days run smoothly.

Happy Cow (Website and App)

This great website and app (available on both Apple and Andriod) will search by postcode/location and suggest the best vegan establishments nearby.  Happy Cow works well for both pre-trip research and on the go travelling, making it extremely popular with vegan travellers.  The website also has a section on vegan accommodation options, another great tool when planning a vegan holiday.

Vegan Passport (Book and App)

Now in its 5th edition, and available from the Vegan Society for just £4.95, the Vegan Passport is a must-have multilingual phrasebook full of helpful phrases for globetrotting vegans. The fifth edition of this essential guide has been updated and expanded, and now boasts 79 languages including Hausa, Igbo, Xhosa and Zulu and fail-safe pictures to use when the words don’t work. In addition to this, their new Vegan Passport App is small enough to download and keep on your phone, but big enough to include the languages of over 96% of the world’s population.

Vegan Travel Group (Facebook)

The Vegan Travel group on Facebook  is a highly engaged group that all vegan travellers should join. Filled with endless posts of advice, recommendations and reviews it’s like having 11,000 vegan friends in your pocket on hand to give advice whenever needed.

In addition to these great resources there are also many fantastic vegan travel blogs out there to turn to for advice and inspiration including Mindful Wanderlust, Justin Plus Lauren and Indefinite Adventure.

Don’t forget to take out your travel insurance before your next trip. We have a range of cover options from Annual Multi-Trip, which is perfect for a frequent traveller, to Quickcover for trips of up to 5 days in Europe.

Happy Vegan Travels.