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14 May

Unusual hotel complaints revealed

Unusual hotel complaints revealed

Unusual hotel complaints revealed

When checking into a hotel, you may have come across a particular aspect that is unsatisfying. An odd smell, a poor view or a bath that is too small. Such issues plagued Basil Fawlty in the successful sitcom Fawlty Towers – about a hotel manager who hated guests.

John Cleese’s iconic character would have been particularly infuriated by some of the complaints and requests revealed by Skyscanner’s newly-published survey, some of which boggle the mind.

Questioning more than 400 international hotels, the travel experts drew up a list of top ten unusual requests and top ten complaints, many of which simply didn’t make sense.

The full survey includes gems such as the waiter being too handsome – possibly one submitted by a jealous husband – and that the hotel had no ocean view, with the fact the building was in London being no obstacle to the complainant.

Other moments of genius included the fact there was no steak on the vegetarian menu, that the ice cream was too cold and that the sea was too blue.

If you’re scratching your head at these beauties, wait until you see the unusual requests list. Two guests wanted the ultimate self-indulgence and asked for a bath full of honey and a bath full of chocolate milk. Another – possibly the princess from the Princess and the Pea fairy story – opted for a total of 16 pillows.

Once again, some interesting preferences towards cuisine were uncovered, such as 15 cucumbers a day, only the right legs of a chicken, crocodile soup and a dead mouse.

It’s certainly a bizarre selection from around the world. But bear in mind that if there’s one thing more important than a dead mouse upon arrival, it’s your travel insurance. Be sure that it’s all sorted out before you set out on holiday.