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6 Jun

Trends of luxury travel identified

Luxury travel as an industry has undergone a number of fundamental changes over the past seven years, with a recent survey indicating that both the customers and the companies in the market have changed drastically since 2007.

Luxury travellers seek out unique experiences

Luxury travellers seek out unique experiences

According to the Exclusive Travel Group, people who participate in luxury travel are these days seeking much more than five-star hotels with personal swimming pools.

Indeed, the firm indicates an uptick in the number of people searching for authentic individualised experiential travel that allows for immersion into the local culture.

This fundamental alteration has driven change within the industry, as expensive accommodation options have fallen out of favour as people opt for ‘glamping’ and other options that allow for closer interaction with the world around them. Smaller boutique hotels are also in fashion.

In addition, the Exclusive Travel Group has witnessed an exponential increase in demand for unique experiences. Private cookery lessons with a top chef, afternoon tea with New Zealand’s most celebrated opera singer and reservations for entire islands were just some of the requests it has experienced.

However, while the desire for interesting holidays has soared, an interesting factor is that people are becoming increasingly tight-lipped about their holidays in 2014, compared with 2007.

“Seven years ago it was seen as a sign of success to brag about the number of cars you owned, the number of seats on your private jet or the length of your private yacht,” the Exclusive Travel Group revealed. “Now discretion is the name of the game.”

While luxury travel is a treat few can usually afford, the possibilities it offers are often very tempting indeed. If you’re thinking of spending a little more than usual on your holiday as a result of this article, remember that comprehensive travel insurance is worth its weight in gold.