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Travel news: US reopens for Brits and red list is now empty

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Travel is taking some welcome steps forward as we move towards the end of the year, just in time for the holiday season or some well-earned winter sun!

The final countries have been removed from the UK’s red list, the US is finally letting Brits back in after an 18-month travel ban, and even more reasons to be excited about your next holiday!

Keep reading to find out the highlights of the travel news for November.

Updated travel rules for returning to the UK

Some big updates have been made to the travel rules for returning to the UK. The last remaining countries on the red list have been taken off. All seven remaining countries were removed on 1 November.

This is big news for those travelling back to the UK because there will no longer be a need to quarantine in a hotel when returning from any country, which is a huge cost saving of more than £2,000 for adults.

There’s no guarantee that the red list is gone for good, but it’s a step in the right direction for travel.

Lateral flows replace PCRs for fully vaccinated

Fully vaccinated holidaymakers will no longer need to take a PCR test when they get back to the UK from a trip abroad. Instead, the ‘day two test’ can be a lateral flow, saving time and money. PCR tests can still be used for a day two test, travellers are just now given the choice between lateral flow and PCR.

Brits can return to the US

After an 18-month long travel ban, Brits can finally return to the US on holiday as of 8 November.

Fully vaccinated tourists can travel to the US, as long as they can provide vaccine certification and proof of a negative Covid-19 test. The US accept PCR, LAMP, and NAAT tests. There won’t be any quarantine on arrival, either!

Those who aren’t fully vaccinated still won’t be able to travel to the US.

EU will accept NHS Covid-19 certificates

Travel to Europe from the UK is also about to get a bit easier. Although many EU countries already accepted them, the EU have confirmed that NHS Covid-19 certificates will be accepted across the bloc.

They confirmed, at the end of October, NHS certificates will work in the same way that EU-issued ones have been already.

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