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4 Jul

Travel insurance costs more through airlines

Recent research has revealed that substantial costs can be incurred through booking your single trip travel insurancecover and car hire through your airline, with those who do so often paying almost five times as much as through an independent provider.

While many flight providers include these optional extras to make booking your holiday essentials easy, recent research from a leading travel comparison website has revealed that holidaymakers could be paying hundreds of pounds more than you would by using an independent provider – such as Avanti Travel Insurance.

The website analysed the prices shown on twelve different airline websites as well as other companies for both travel insurance and car hire, with the results suggesting that care hire in particular can cost up to 253 per cent more when booked through your airline. Even more alarming was the increase in travel insurance costs, showing that booking medical travel insurance cover through your airline could cost as much as 458 per cent more than if you booked independently.

Convenience comes at a hefty price

Travel insurance costs more through airlines

Travel insurance costs more through airlines

An example of the difference in costs is shown in bookings from Wizzair, with travel insurance through them costing a staggering £70.84, compared to less than £14 if you book through an independent provider. The highest difference was being offered through Aer Lingus, with their nine-day travel insurance cover for a family in the USA totalling at £188.44, considerably more than the alternative price of just £32.20.

It shows the importance of shopping around for the best deal on your travel insurance, especially as fantastic deals ontravel insurance policies are available for those who take the time to check. While you may be tempted to book your car hire, medical travel insurance cover and other aspects all in one go, it’s clear that this convenience comes at an unprecedented price.

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