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10 Dec

Leave Your iPad At Home And Grab Some Travel Colouring Books

Keep Calm and Draw OnThe Craze Of Adult Colouring Which Promotes Strong Mental Health

Adult colouring books are topping the bestseller books – drawing is a perfect travelling activity which decreases stress levels and promotes mindfulness.

A luxury holiday villa company has recognised this year’s trend of the adult colouring book genre and created their own range with a travel theme.

Oliver’s Travels now provides free downloadable travel guides from their website, which can be coloured in by adults who are in need of relaxation. The guides feature popular destinations and properties from the travel company’s portfolio that also teach you about your next destination. Drawings from the travel guide include a villa in Sicily, a chateau in the Loire Valley and a beach house in Mykonos.

Adult Colouring Books And Mindfulness

Some people may be mocking the recent rise in the sale of adult colouring books, yet psychology experts are busy promoting the benefits that grownup doodling can provide.

Adult colouring is thought by some to promote a state of ‘mindfulness’, another buzzword at the moment. The theory is that colouring can help us unwind and live in the moment, focussing our attention entirely on an activity rather than flitting between the latest iPad app, Facebook group chat and Whatsapp conversations.

By participating in some mindful colouring, stress and anxiety levels can both decrease. This is of benefit, because stress and anxiety can potentially contribute towards depression if left unmanaged. Much like the reciting of mantras, colouring allows adults to engage in a repetitive activity which calms and centres the mind, yet it is not energy-draining.

Portable Activity

Colouring books are an extremely portable activity. Some enjoy colouring on their daily commute using public transport, whilst others will draw at their office desk or sat on the sofa at the end of a chaotic day.

Many people choose to do some colouring whilst taking either a business or leisure trip. Qantas airline recently devised a competition where they encouraged passengers to scribble on the back of their plane sick bag, then upload the art to the airline’s site.

For those of you who would prefer to colour in an actual book, handy travel-sized colouring paperbacks are ideal for slipping in your hand luggage. Passengers can indulge in some art creation in the departure lounge, on the plane or even relaxing at the poolside with a cocktail. Much like Sudoku, colouring books can be enjoyed without the need for an Internet connection or worry about how much battery-life is in your device of choice. However, even if you are travelling without valuable tech, you should still take out travel insurance.

Bestseller Lists

Colouring books are dominating the bestseller book lists from retailers such as Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones at the moment.

Alongside popular purchases for Christmas which include the most recent recipe book by Jamie Oliver, the latest David Walliams’ treat and the Guinness Book of World Records for 2016, there are several adult colouring books towards the top of the charts.

The highest ranked in all retailers is currently the Harry Potter Colouring Book by Warner Brothers – which is so popular that it has sold out at WHSmith. Other books, such as Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book’ by Johanna Basford as well as Millie Marotta’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Tropical Wonderland’ have remained high in the bestseller lists for much of the year so far, and they’re all priced beneath £10, which makes them perfect Christmas stocking fillers too!

Certainly at the moment it seems as if this latest craze is here to stay. So the next time you’re about to embark on a trip, grab a travel colouring book and a pack of crayons or felt-tips and discover for yourself what it’s all about!