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11 Jun

Tourists vote Machu Picchu as adventure destination

Incan citadel is voted favourite adventure destination by world travellers

Incan citadel is voted favourite adventure destination by world travellers

The world is full of amazing sights to see, but when it comes to making a bucket list, one specific site has topped everything else. Forget about the Sagrada Familia, the pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China – it is Peru’s Machu Picchu that ranks first for most travellers.

This is the conclusion drawn by a new survey from accommodation specialists Hostelworld, who asked users to vote for their top adventure destination in its ‘My Awesome Escape’ contest.

Located far up in the mountains, the 15th century Incan citadel certainly fulfills the requirements of being an adventure destination, with most people choosing to hike up the cliffs in order to visit.

In the Hostelworld survey, Machu Picchu won by a significant margin, with more than a million more people choosing it as their ultimate adventure destination than the next closest competitor.

“This is the result of constant promotional work in the main tourism source countries for one of the most celebrated destinations in our country, and of the special conservation work done by local officials at the Incan sanctuary, which welcomed 1,177,308 tourists in 2013,” commented Peru’s foreign trade and tourism minister Magali Silva.

“For a Peruvian destination to be the most desired in the world among a considerable number of voters… shows that our country is on the minds of the end consumer,” he added.

Participants in the survey also highlighted the Full Moon Party in Thailand and a visit to South Africa’s Kruger National Park as their next favourite adventures.

Machu Picchu also made headlines recently when a previously undiscovered path up the mountains to the city was discovered, giving visitors a different perspective to approach the citadel from.

Whatever your own personal adventure preferences, be sure that your travel insurance covers the holiday you’ve selected and the activities you intend to carry out.