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15 Jul

Tourists travelling to India skyrocket

Foreign tourist arrivals in India shot up by 9% last month

Foreign tourist arrivals in India shot up by 9% last month

India is the place to travel to, apparently, with the country registering a whopping nine per cent growth in tourist arrivals during the month of June this year in comparison to 2013, as tourists flocked to the country to experience its unique culture.

A spurt in business activity has been identified as the dramatic rise in interest, with corporate travel between Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Vizag and Guwahati also soaring as the nation’s industries are spurred to new heights.

When a country’s economy is doing well, its tourist industry also benefits, it seems. And even better, it could be the best is yet to come, as peak holiday season in September and October will likely bring in many more tourists.

Hotels in particular are waiting for this time of year, as it will give them reason to push up room prices dramatically.

“The demand has increased but so has the supply,” commented S M Shervani, president of Federation of Hotels and Restaurants Association of India. “We have seen only slight improvement over last year.”

It would appear the industry is very capable of catering to this recent influx of tourism. Delhi alone has seen the addition of more than 1,000 rooms, with the district of Aerocity near Delhi Airport proving particularly desirable for tourists.

However, it’s not all good news as India continues to lag behind many other countries in terms of total arrival numbers. 2012 data from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation ranked India 41st in terms of visitor figures with fewer than seven million.

Commentators have pointed out that the fact visitors to the nation seem to spend more means that more wealthy tourists are travelling there, giving rise to a new label – ‘the quality tourist’ – in the local industry.

Tourism has been identified as a thrust area by India’s new government, with prime minister Narendra Modi mentioning it as a vehicle of growth and international cooperation during a recent visit to Bhutan.