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Spanish City Break
31 Aug

Top things to do in Murcia

If you’re looking for your next Spanish city break, and prefer to avoid big tourist crowds, the city of Murcia in the south of Spain could be for you. Because it’s a bit inland, the city tends to be a little overlooked in favour of the coast. But the beaches are less than thirty minutes from the city centre, so with a mini break in Murcia you can have the best of both worlds. And you may feel like you have the city to yourself, too! Here are a few of the top things to do in Murcia…

Explore the Old Town

At the heart of the city lies a beautiful Old Town full of stunning Baroque architecture and wide, café-lined plazas. Wander the streets, soak up the views, get a little bit lost, and just enjoy. The relaxed pace of life in Murcia will quickly sink in and you’ll be in holiday mode in no time.

Visit the Cathedral

At the heart of it all is the Santa María Cathedral, which dates back as far as 1385. The façade is considered a masterpiece of the Spanish Baroque period. But the whole thing took a few hundred years to finish, so the cathedral is an eclectic mix of styles. Take a tour of the bell tower to get one of the best views in all of Murcia. Be ready for the striking of the hour, though; those bells are loud!


Murcia is famous for its gastronomy, and once you’ve tried it you’ll see why. There are dozens of incredible tapas bars dotted around the city’s many plazas. Head to Plaza de las Flores, which is always buzzing with locals, for some of the best tapas in Murcia. The region has several unique dishes that you won’t find anywhere else – including marineras (anchovies and Russian salad balanced on top of a bread stick). Don’t miss the chance to try them.

Take a Spa Day

The region of Murcia is dotted with natural thermal baths which have become well known for their health and wellness benefits. Some, like Balneario de Archena, have been around since the days of the ancient Romans – and you can still see the ruins of the early bathhouses alongside the brand new spa. Treatments at the spa use thermal mud from the local mountains, which is said to have rejuvenating properties.

Head for the Hills

The best thing about Murcia is how close the city is to nature. Within thirty minutes you can drive to the beach, and in less than twenty you’ll be at the regional park of El Valle y Carrascoy in the mountains. The pine forests and mountain paths are perfect for hiking and biking, or you can just relax at a café and enjoy the views.

Ready to book your next city break? Don’t forget to organise your travel insurance before you go to give you peace of mind during your holiday.