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1 Jul

Tips for keeping the kids entertained whilst on holiday

A family holiday is something which all of us cherish, the chance to spend quality time together away from the usual stresses of working life; the only thing many have to worry about is working out how best to enjoy the sunshine.

However while the previous statement is true, those taking young children should bear in mind that there might be a few tantrums down to tiredness and waiting around. While you may have already got the family travel insurance and other aspects of the holiday sorted, here are a few tips on how to keep the little ones entertained throughout the duration of your trip.

Get a Trunki for a suitcase they will want to take everywhere

While the airport offers endless amounts of fun and excitement for some, it can soon become a cauldron of discontent if the family has to spend hours waiting for your boarding gate to appear.

This is where the Trunki could easily become your saviour, a suitcase which is specifically designed for children and serves as a ride-on toy as well as a compartment for children to store everything from toys and clothes to games and other fun items. It also comes in a host of designs, including a ladybird, Tyrannosaurus Rex, tiger and, most recently, a cat, meaning that there is sure to be a Trunki to suit all children’s tastes.

About their famous product, Trunki say: “Trunki is the original innovative ride-on suitcase for globe-trotting tots! Not only is it the perfect boredom-buster for family trips but if you’re taking to the skies this summer, it fits comfortably in hand-luggage storage compartments on most aircrafts.”

Tips for keeping the kids entertained whilst on holiday

Tips for keeping the kids entertained whilst on holiday

The suitcase isn’t the only product Trunki offer to help entertain the kids on holiday, with another being the ingeniousBoostApak, a fantastic product that combines a bag with a car seat to offer both practicality and a great way to keep the kids enthused. While it is a luggage-approved backpack, its hard plastic shell means that it doubles up as a booster seat should your child require it.

The final product Trunki offers to help keep the kids happy is the Yondi, a travel pillow specifically designed for children that fits under the neck and can be secured using hidden magnets. Offering soft and supportive cushioning, it will also stop your child’s head from rolling forward so they can sleep in complete comfort. It also comes with the Trunki Grip to attach your child’s favourite blanket or comforter.

Tips for keeping the kids entertained whilst on holiday

Tips for keeping the kids entertained whilst on holiday

Arrive with a packed itinerary

Another great method of providing entertainment for kids is by making sure their minds are always stimulated with a complete itinerary for the holiday, ensuring they know exactly what they are doing each and every day. This is exactly what Pippa Wright, founder of popular parent blog A Mother’s Ramblings, recommends. She says:

Having a plan for the time you are away is invaluable in keeping the children entertained. If they know they are going to a water park or theme park on the third day (for example) then they are more likely to sit through the “boring” tour of the castle you want to go and visit.

I personally take a little holiday bag with me, filled with small toys and activities to give to the children as a treat or when they are starting to get a little fractious. The items are usually small things such as toys from £1 shops that I’ve found, travel board games and of course various snacks and drinks. In addition to this bag, the children take colouring pencils or crayons and small colouring books or pads of paper in their own bags, along with a couple favourite toys/teddies and their own electronic devices. As we have rules for when the electronic devices can be used it means we get to spend time together as a family and also don’t get bored whilst travelling or when unexpectedly delayed.

Take boardgames, or even make your own

As Pippa recommends, board games are a great method of entertaining the kids; after you have purchased them, they offer hours and hours of fun. While taking full size versions of the board games will take up colossal space in your hand luggage, top companies like Hasbro and Waddingtons are heralded for their dedicated travel versions of games; means you can enjoy the likes of Cluedo, Guess Who, Scrabble and many more wherever you are.

These are all great tips for keeping the kids entertained at the airport, giving you more time to ensure you have the passports, medical travel documents and other necessities in peace and quiet – allowing you start the holiday in the perfect manner!

Image Credit: Trunki