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Euro 2016
22 Jun

Ticket and Travel Advice For Euro 2016

How To Be Prepared For The Football

How to prepare for a trip to Euro 2016 by ensuring tickets, accommodation and travel arrangements are planned properly in advance.

Euro 2016 is now underway, and if you’re planning to travel to France for Euro 2016 there are certain aspects to consider so your trip goes smoothly. Even if you’ve already booked everything, up to date information and some advance knowledge of the towns and cities hosting matches will serve you well.

Match Tickets

Don’t think of travelling without tickets to the matches you hope to see; England tickets were only available to members of the official FA travel club so the only ones available now would be through online sources and ticket touts.

You can be certain tickets sold this way will be way in excess of the face value, but the real problems are twofold:

  • They might be fakes
  • They could be for seats situated amongst supporters of England’s opponents

There may be some websites selling odd tickets for certain matches – proceed with caution and check them very carefully to avoid being scammed. Some sites, such as the Ebay-owned StubHub, act as a middle man in that they put people seeking tickets for events in touch with those selling them.

Remember it’s illegal to buy tickets outside the ground and you’re at the mercy of not only outrageous pricing but also the possibility you’ll be buying a fake ticket.


Ensure you’ve booked places to stay in advance rather than hoping to ‘get in somewhere’ when you arrive. With thousands of fans in France, demand will be high.

Travel Arrangements

Ensure you’re booked for the travel you need to take if by air or rail including the transfers from one venue to the other if you’re watching matches in different parts of France.

If driving, ensure you’re familiar with French driving laws; there are certain differences from UK driving legislation. For example, you’re required by law to carry reflective jackets, a warning triangle and a self-test breathalyser.

Check Latest Information

France was subject to terrorist attacks in Paris during 2015, a recent strike caused panic buying of fuel recently, so it pays to be aware of the latest information. For example, in view of the terrorist attacks, the French authorities will be on high alert with so many people visiting their country for such a high profile event.

The government’s foreign travel advice for France is updated regularly and contains useful links for further information including specific safety tips for those travelling to the Euros with their ‘Be on the Ball’ document.

Stay updated by bookmarking the above site on your phone of tablet and sign up for travel alerts so you can check the latest information. This is also available on Twitter @FCOtravel and


Ensure you have travel insurance that provides plenty of cover for your trip to France.

If driving, ensure you’re properly insured. You’re required to carry proof of insurance at all times while driving.

Also get an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), ensure it is valid for your trip and that you understand what it covers.


It’s advisable to make two copies in case of loss, and keep one with you at all times. If you do lose it, call for consular assistance on: +33 (0)1 44 51 31 00

Planning Ahead

With so many people descending on the various towns and cities hosting the matches, it’ll pay to arrive in plenty of time to catch trains, buses and planes. Allow adequate time for road travel and parking along with getting to the stadium for the match rather than being in a rush.

It’s worthwhile finding out more about the towns and cities you’ll be visiting for the matches. It’ll help with the logistics of getting from your accommodation to the stadium, and enhance your visit if you’ve got time to have a look around while you’re there. This guide gives a good overview.

Being Prepared

There’s nothing worse than spoiling a major trip by forgetting something or not planning. For example, it’s easy to fall foul of French driving regulations and find yourself paying heavy on the spot fines or worse.

By ensuring you’ve prepared properly in advance by doing a bit of homework, you’ll enjoy the football all the more.