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1 Jul

Survey highlights travel insurance variance

Let's get packing!

Let’s get packing!

Gap year travellers have been urged to choose their travel insurance providers carefully, as not doing so could result in key aspects of their trip not being covered.

It comes after a leading expert in the market analysed 200 types of single trip travel insurance cover, finding that half of those cover types allow travellers to return to the UK for a short time, prime examples being a wedding, Christmas or a family emergency. However, the remainder do not offer such luxuries, meaning that anyone who does make a return to the UK would invalidate the policy.

The length of policy cover also varied greatly, with the majority (57 per cent) providing cover for a trip lasting over a year. 31 per cent of packages offered cover for a single year, while the remaining 12 per cent covered 360 days or less.

Level of personal cover varies

They also vary significantly in terms of the level of protection provided for lost items, with some offering up to £3,000 while others offered no cover whatsoever for lost luggage. For people planning to take many valuable electrical items with them on their trip, this is something which is certainly worth investigating.

While some insurance policies may seem cheaper than others at first, more often than not they do not offer the appropriate cover you need and could result in you footing a serious financial bill should anything go wrong during your trip. This is especially true if you are planning a trip full of activities, with a range of sports only covered through upgraded and deluxe levels of travel insurance.

It highlights the importance of taking time while booking your personal and medical travel insurance packages, taking time to select the best package to ensure you are protected against any eventuality.

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