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4 Jul

Strikes biggest reason for travel insurance claims

A leading travel expert has highlighted the huge amount of travel insurance claims made due to holiday cancellations, with strikes by airline providers thought to be one of the biggest reasons.

Strikes biggest reason for travel insurance claims

Strikes biggest reason for travel insurance claims

In a survey of over 2,000 single and multi-trip travel insurance claimants in Ireland, more than half of those were made because of a cancellation in their holiday plans, an issue which causes a huge amount of unnecessary stress for families that were looking forward to their trip in the sun.

With strikes being one of the main culprits behind the claims, those who have taken out travel insurance are being urged to pursue in a quest for compensation if they have been affected by the recent strike by French air traffic controllers and has caused you to be out of pocket.

The next biggest reason for making a claim was down to illness or family bereavement, highlighting the overwhelming importance of booking medical travel insurance policies in good time prior to your holiday.

Personal possessions equate for small margin

Other details which the survey highlighted was the small amount of people who claim for cover of lost or stolen personal items, with just one in ten claims being for items such as tablet computers, mobile phones and cameras. If you are looking to claim for any electrical items which you lose while abroad, it is recommended to check the small print of your cover to ensure the claim is valid.

Lost or stolen money and missed departures accounted for the lowest number of claims, both attributing for a respective four per cent in the overall figure.

The survey highlights the sheer volume of aspects which can be covered and protected through booking a decent travel insurance policy, proof if any of the importance to take out cover well in advance to ensure any issues can be resolved positively.