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17 Jan

Spontaneous travel is proving popular


Spontaneous travel is proving popular

Spontaneous travel is proving popular

Despite the reputation of Brits having a stiff upper lip, it seems that we’re more prone to the odd touch of spontaneity after all, with a surprisingly high one-in-three of us jetting off at a moment’s notice on the holiday of a lifetime.

Specifically, of the 5.62 annual holiday*s taken by each person, 2.13 were booked less than three weeks before departure, and this figure looks set to increase as nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of UK citizens would book holidays at the last minute if there were fewer barriers to doing so.

This is according to new research published by, which claims that mobile technologies are helping to fuel the demand for spontaneous travel.

Hotel bookings and flight bookings are increasingly carried out by S l/cmartphone, the research indicates, while 38 per cent of UK hotel bookings were made on the day of check-in during 2013 and 40 per cent of flights were booked just three days in advance.

Matthew Crummack, chief executive of, said the research should prompt the travel industry to change its ways in order to make spontaneous holidays more accessible for Brits.

He cited the many empty seats on planes leaving Heathrow as an example of how removing barriers to spontaneous travel could help.

“It is evident the travel industry needs to take greater advantage of available technology to improve revenue and yield management strategies,” he said. “Every business and individual in the travel space must do their bit to tackle the barriers that limit customer spontaneity.”

The research found the most commonly cited problems to spontaneous travel were the price, not having enough cash and not being able to take time off work at short notice. It also highlighted trust issues with mobile technology as a possible inhibitor.

No matter where you’re jetting off to, make sure you have set aside time to sort out your travel insurance.