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4 Jan

Skiing is Good For Your Health

Woman skiingWhy you should hit the slopes for your next winter holiday

With its ability to increase fitness, tone muscles, boost weight loss and improve mental well-being, skiing is the perfect all over workout for the body and mind

With a combination of fresh air, sunshine and beautiful scenery, it’s easy to see why skiing holidays continue to grow in popularity. And the good news is that skiing also offers numerous health benefits. Read on to discover how your next skiing holiday could help to improve both your physical and mental well-being.

Strengthened Muscles

Skiing is a fantastic all-over workout and helps to tone and strengthen all the major muscle groups. Due to the crouching position adopted by skiers, it particularly targets the buttocks, hamstrings and both the inner and outer thighs. It is also a great way of strengthening your core muscles as you strive to keep yourself upright on the slippery slopes.

After a week of skiing, you are likely to see an improvement in the tone and strength of your muscles – as well as an improvement in your flexibility and coordination. If you are a regular skier you will also see some more long term benefits as strengthening your muscles through skiing can help to prevent knee problems, osteoporosis and other injuries later in life

Weight Loss

Skiing is the perfect exercise for burning calories and banishing those extra post-Christmas pounds. Skiing is a high intensity form of exercise and burns more calories per hour than many other sports. Staying balanced on the slopes requires a large amount of muscle power, which helps to burn fat, and exercising outdoors in cold temperatures also helps increase the rate at which calories are burnt.

During a typical day’s skiing, you could burn up to 3,000 calories! With this in mind, some experts estimate that you could lose up to 5lb in weight during a week’s skiing holiday – as long as you go easy on the après-ski hot chocolate of course!

Healthier Heart

Skiing offers a great workout for your cardiovascular system. Going up and down the slopes is physically taxing and as such it is very effective at raising your heart rate, increasing the supply of blood and oxygen to muscles and tissues, and increasing your lung capacity.

Even just half an hour of skiing can boost your cardiovascular system, and many people see a noticeable increase in their physical fitness after just one week’s skiing holiday. For an even greater impact, try walking up the slopes where possible instead of taking the ski lift.

Mental Well-being

While skiing undoubtedly has many physical health benefits, it can also have a really positive impact on your mental health. Undertaking any moderate to vigorous exercise helps your brain to release endorphins and other ‘feel-good’ chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. Hitting the slopes leads to higher levels of happiness and satisfaction, and a reduction in stress. It also gives you that all important sunshine exposure which so many of us miss out on during the winter months.

It is clear to see that skiing offers great benefits to both your physical and mental health. However, it is not without risks and it is important to undertake some preparation before you go to help minimise the risk of injury. To get the most out of your holiday, think about starting a training programme 12 weeks before travelling which concentrates on building your stamina, fitness and muscle strength.

And of course, don’t forget about insurance! We cover up to age 70 for winter sports cover – call us today to discuss your requirements and organise your single trip policy or alternatively an annual multi-trip policy to cover all your holidays this year.