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3 Mar

School holiday debate inspires crafty traveller guide


School holiday debate inspires crafty traveller guide

School holiday debate inspires crafty traveller guide

A recent discussion in the House of Commons that looked at addressing the problem of how the cost of travel skyrockets during the summer holidays has inspired a new guide designed to help parents save during the summer months.

The advice, published by the Daily Mail, is designed to help families out this year specifically, following the announcement that there is not enough time to push changes through before July.

According to the publication, breaks taken at the end of August are generally more affordable than those taken at the start of the month, with a potential saving of £233 up for grabs on air fares in particular.

While the differences are not usually that marked on long-haul flights, the paper noted you can still save between £100 and £150.

It also urged parents to book as soon as possible, with huge savings to be made on bookings in the winter compared with those made closer to the anticipated departure date.

The advice was echoed by the Telegraph, which claimed families need to have already booked if they want the cheapest rates, and that the prices are only going to get higher as the summer approaches.

It highlighted popular European hotspots for travel during term time, claiming Spain, Portugal and France to be the best value as the market is far more competitive to these destinations.

Travelling abroad during the summer half term rather than having the main family holiday in July or August could also be a great way of pushing the cost down, the publication suggested.

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