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30 Apr

Royal mummy discovery in Egypt

Royal mummy discovery in Egypt

Royal mummy discovery in Egypt

No, it isn’t the Queen Mother, but if you’ve been waiting for a big archaeological discovery to visit Egypt for, this could well be it.

Remains of around 50 mummies that include several newborn babies are in the process of being excavated from an extensive tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in Luxor, and scientists are particularly excited as they may well belong to the 18th Pharaonic dynasty.

As well as the mummies themselves, which date back more than 1,500 years before the birth of Christ, wooden coffins and death masks were also discovered.

The Swiss team that made the discovery has reportedly found long-dead princes and princesses on the ancient site, which has been looted several times in the past.

Egypt’s government has notoriously had enormous difficulty securing archaeological sites, museums and mosques from thieves looking to make a quick profit, and illegal excavations are common.

Antiquities are vital to the country’s tourist trade, with millions flocking to visit every year to gaze upon the creations of a once-mighty civilisation, so the new discovery will likely contribute a great amount to the economy.

The mummies are unlikely to be on display for a while yet as they’ll need to be examined by a team of scientists, but there are plenty of other sights and scenes to witness from this fantastic destination.

Popular tourist activities include travelling the River Nile, descending into the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and exploring the many museums of Cairo. But it’s not all about the history, as there are street markets and camel rides to be enjoyed too, among other things.

While Egypt is undergoing a period of turbulence and change, tourism is recovering slowly and a holiday can still be enjoyed here if precautions are taken. Check the government’s foreign travel advice website and be sure to take out adequate travel insurance.