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6 Jan

Rediscover Skiing In Courchevel, France

CourchevalGet Back On The Slopes With A Visit To Courchevel, France

If you have been away from the slopes for some time, but are longing to return, Courchevel in France is the perfect place to get reacquainted.

If you are looking to get back onto the slopes in 2016, Courchevel might be just the place to rediscover the exhilarating sport that is skiing. Many would argue that there is no finer holiday than one spent whizzing down a mountain, and Courchevel offers its visitors some of the most thrilling runs and scenery available anywhere.

Situated at one end of the world famous Trois Vallées, Courchevel is part of the largest lift-linked ski area on the planet, which helps make it one of the best ski resorts in Europe. This means that there is something for everyone here; from the expert skier through to the absolute beginner, Courchevel caters for them all.

The mixed terrain that can be found in the region makes this part of France ideal for those who are getting back on the slopes after a lengthy lay-off, even if they are travelling with more frequent and experienced skiers. Conditions here are generally good, too, and many consider Courchevel to have the best snow in the whole Trois Vallées region.

The Four Resorts Of Courchevel

Despite falling under the umbrella name of Courchevel, this ski resort is actually made up of four very distinctive villages. Prior to their renaming in 2011, these villages were given numbers rather than names, and many locals and regular visitors still refer to them as 1300 (now Courchevel Le Praz), 1550 (now Courchevel Village), 1650 (now Courchevel Moriond), or 1850 (now Courchevel).

For beginners, or those returning to the sport, Courchevel (1850) and Courchevel Moriond (1650) are highly recommended. In Courchevel, the Pralong Zen offers a large area to get started on. Try starting off on the shorter Ferme by catching a drag lift to build confidence. Once you have mastered that, the lengthier, but still perfectly doable, drag lift of Altiport awaits.

Another excellent option in Courchevel is the Golf Zen area. This part of 1850 is perfect if you really want to take things easy or if you have children in your party who are just beginning their skiing journey. The Golf Zen part of Courchevel has two magic carpet lifts and is slightly smaller than the Pralong Zen.

Courchevel Moriond, on the other hand, has an area that is fenced off and open solely for use by beginners. Catch Mickey – the free drag lift – and build your confidence without the worry of having dozens of other skiers flying around while you find your feet.

Wherever you choose in Courchevel you will always be welcomed by perfectly groomed pistes. The workers across these resorts put in a phenomenal amount of work each night to ensure that the slopes of Courchevel are ready for its visitors each and every day at 9am.

Be Safe, Be Covered

Once you have booked your ski break don’t forget to organise your travel insurance, we cover up to age 70 for winter sports cover, so there really is no reason not to strap on the ski boots and get back out on the mountain this year!