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30 Jul

Problems at Gatwick Airport cause huge delays

Logistical problems at Gatwick Airport have been causing significant delays for holidaymakers, with some becoming understandably disgruntled after being forced to wait for up to five hours.

Problems at Gatwick Airport cause huge delays

Problems at Gatwick Airport cause huge delays

While passengers were able to arrive at the airport over the weekend, they had been unable to pick up their baggage due to the handling firm Swissport having staff shortages. The situation even got so bad that some passengers were told to head home and their bag would be sent on to their address when it arrived.

Officials at Gatwick Airport apologised for the problems, saying that resourcing issues with Swissport had resulted in overnight issues and delays with luggage on particular flights.

The problems highlight the importance of booking your travel insurance cover in good time prior to your holiday departure, ensuring that you have adequate protection against issues such as transport delays. As well as issues with baggage, purchasing comprehensive travel insurance cover can also mean you are protected against issues such as transport delays, medical problems or even lost or stolen items while abroad.

Extra staff drafted in to resolve issue

In light of the situation, Gatwick Airport brought in several members of staff to help ease the waiting times of holidaymakers. The issue affected those flying with Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thompson and Easyjet. In the case of the latter, passengers were advised not to leave without their baggage which meant many had no choice but to wait.

Frustrated passengers took to social media to display their irritation after some people waited over four hours for their luggage to arrive.

Although the baggage reclaim service has now returned to normal at the airport, it is sure to have holidaymakers thinking twice about taking a last minute summer holiday – particularly if they haven’t already taken out travel insurance for the over 80s.

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Problems at Gatwick Airport cause huge delays