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Privacy – Data protection and data transfer

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There are no devices or items contained within the code of this site that extract information from your computer other than information required to make a connection and transfer website content between your computer and the Avanti Insurance host server. Avanti Insurance will from time to time analyse the number and nature of connections made between external sources and the Avanti Insurance host server specifically for traffic analysis reporting. None of this information will contain any personal or private information relating to you other that the IP address used to make the connection with our host server and the type of browser used to view the website.

When requesting quotes, purchasing insurance products and services, engaging in online contact or registering on our database all items of information requested will be clearly and unambiguously labelled and will be submitted securely to our host server or to the servers of those organisations supplying the relevant product or service. This information will not be submitted for any purpose to any organisation not specifically and directly involved in supplying a product or service to you at your request. The name or names of all organisations directly involved in the supply of products or services offered on this website are clearly stated before a purchase or quotation is made or confirmed. Exceptions may occur where we are legally obliged to provide information to official bodies such as the Police, the Courts, financial/legal regulators or other insurance companies investigating potentially fraudulent claims.

If you need to know more about the Data Protection Act and your rights please visit the website of the Data Protection Commissioner.



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