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10 Jun

Planet celebrates World Oceans Day

Travel responsibly when you're journeying the open ocean

Travel responsibly when you’re journeying the open ocean

The world’s oceans were celebrated in a global event yesterday (June 8th) that saw adults and children alike raising awareness about the perils that endanger the safety of the delicate marine ecosystem.

It is often said that we know more about the surface of the moon than the bottom of the oceans, and this was a prominent fact throughout the main festival commemorating the event, which took place on Reunion Island.

As a hotspot for marine biodiversity, the landmass – located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar – proved to be an excellent base of operations for the global festival.

Journalists flew from all over the world to attend, while holidaying families were treated to a programme of fantastic events that aimed to get the message of preservation across to both kids and their parents alike.

Children were told stories and enjoyed a special concert with local legend Bernard Bee, who entertained with his Singing Whale cello. Meanwhile, adults could engage in visits to underwater marine reserves, where they could witness wonders that future generations might miss out on if the ocean isn’t saved.

In addition, companies such as the K’Banon Globice associations, SREPEN, Sciences Meeting, Lion’s Club, and Kose Conte were close at hand to speak about the richness and fragility of the marine environment.

The free day of activities and entertainment ran from 8am until 5:30pm, and those interested in attending next year are advised to watch the website for details of events announced around the world.

In light of the preservation message, remember to book your holiday with a company that can prove it supports sustainable travel. If you are considering travelling somewhere like Reunion Island – with its spectacular marine life and volcanic structure – make sure you have booked comprehensive travel insurance.