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2 Nov

Top Places To Escape For The Winter In 2015/2016

Shake Off The Winter Blues And Head For The Sun In 2015/2016


Unbelievably, winter is fast approaching yet again. Dark nights and cold days are just around the corner and the prospect of months of grey and gloomy weather isn’t exactly jolly.

There is, however, something you can do to raise your spirits when the temperature drops – book yourself a break away from the dreary daily grind and get some winter sun. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best destinations available this winter:

The Canary Islands

Known by many as the Islands of Eternal Spring, the Canary Islands offer the perfect getaway for those seeking to shake off the winter blues. The seven individual islands each have their own charm and personality, and the year-round great climate will be welcomed by those who travel here from the UK in the colder months.


The tropical climate found in Mexico is perfect for those who wish to warm their bones during the UK’s winter months. Beautiful beaches line the coast and the country’s cultural attractions are wide and varied. This is one country where a single visit simply isn’t enough.

Dominican Republic

Just to the southeast of Cuba lies the Dominican Republic, a perfect place to forget all about the cold weather back home. Fantastic beaches form the barrier between the sea and the rainforest-rich mountains that give the island its charm. Its laidback atmosphere makes it perfect for senior travellers, so book your over 60s travel insurance and jet off to the sun this winter.

The Maldives

If you are looking for a true paradise retreat this winter then The Maldives will certainly live up to your expectations. This stunning set of islands is the ideal getaway for those who are after a restful break from the stresses of modern life. The amazing seafood and remarkable scenery will make you wish you never booked a flight home.

South Africa

If you want a little more adventure to go with your sunshine, South Africa could well be the place for you. A safari holiday gives you the perfect opportunity to witness some of the planet’s most magnificent animals in their own backyard. If the prospect of seeing lions up close and personal isn’t adrenalin inducing enough for you, why not head down to Durban and cage dive with the Great White Sharks that hunt in the region – that’s sure to get your heart racing!


This manmade paradise is the ideal destination for those who love the beach life and want a little bit of luxury thrown in. Dubai is like nowhere else in the world, it’s like a playground for grown-ups. After all, where else can you ski down a mountain into the desert one day and then swim with sharks during a trip to the local shopping mall the next?


Thailand is steeped in history and one of the most spiritual places on earth. Fall in love with the picture postcard beaches and enjoy the underwater world by Scuba diving in some of the richest waters on the planet. Then collapse into your hammock to regain your strength for the next day’s adventures – bliss.

Whether you are in work or retired, nothing rejuvenates the soul quite like a trip to warmer climes during the winter months.