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Travel news: Passport delays and flight cancellations

an image of Cunard's Queen Mary 2 cruise ship

The travel news for June, as is true for the last few months, is dominated by the travel disruption facing holidaymakers in the UK at the moment.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though – there are plenty of ways for you to beat the disruption. And, if you’re a pet lover, we’ve found a cruise that might be perfect for you.

Passport delay update

Renewing or applying for a passport usually only takes around three weeks, but tens of thousands are still facing waits of 10 weeks or more.

Delays are set to continue, too, as more than nine million people are expected to apply for passports this year alone. But there are things you can do to avoid passport delays.

If you need a passport in a hurry, try the Passport Office’s one-week Fast Track and one-day Premium services.

Unsurprisingly, the demand for these services is high, and it comes at a cost. The one-week service is £122 for children and £142 for adults, and the one-day service is £177 for adults only. These costs do include the fee for the passport.

If you’d rather avoid the extra cost, the Passport Office still predicts a 10-week wait but the best advice is to apply as soon as you can.

No more pre-travel tests for the US

Going across the pond? Say goodbye to extra costs – as of 13 June, international arrivals to the US no longer need to take a Covid-19 test before they travel.

Non-vaccinated travellers still can’t travel to the US, with the exception of children under 18 and US citizens.

The Centre for Disease Control has warned the change isn’t permanent. They’re still monitoring the state of the pandemic, and pre-travel testing may return if the situation worsens again.

Flight cancellations affecting easyJet most

Budget airline easyJet continues to be one of the airlines hardest hit by the latest wave of travel disruption, cancelling 80 more flights at the start of June.

These cancellations add to the more than 1,000 flights that were cancelled over the Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

Overselling flights combined with staff shortages are seeing holidaymakers stranded in foreign countries. Some have had to fork out thousands to get home in time.

The cancellations aren’t limited to just easyJet as British Airways, Wizz Air, and Vueling are among the other airlines affected.

Take your pets on a cruise

On a lighter note, did you know that your cat or dog can join you on your next Transatlantic cruise? Cunard has allowed pets on board for over 180 years, and the Queen Mary 2 continues that tradition today.

The voyages between Southampton and New York carry 2,691 human passengers and upto 24 of our four-legged companions.

They’re also pampered on the cruise, with Cunard-branded goodies, delicious meals, and plenty of play-time. There’s even a dedicated dog-walking deck!

Be warned, places at Cunard’s kennels fill up quickly and can cost as much as £800.

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