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16 Apr

Parents say ‘kids come first’ on holiday

Parents say 'kids come first' on holiday

Parents say ‘kids come first’ on holiday

When it comes to getting away for that all-important family holiday, it seems the majority of parents firmly believe that their own pleasure and enjoyment comes second to that of their children.

This is according to, which concocted a study that revealed 65 per cent of mums and dads defer to their offspring when deciding what to do for the day’s events.

On top of this, half of those polled said they let the kids choose what food to eat, while 60 per cent confess they rule the roost when it comes to making the choice between beach and pool.

If you’re one of those cynics who thinks the adults just like to have a lazy time on holiday, and that includes the decision making as well, think again. The majority of participants (76 per cent) affirmed their belief that holidays are just as important for the kids as they are for the adults.

Only a tiny proportion of the sample – six per cent – admitted they refused to sacrifice anything, while half gave up sitting on the beach with a good book so that they could do things with the young ones.

The survey quoted one parent as saying: “Holidays are extremely important family time, I would not expect any part of it to be child-free, my children would be involved in everything.”

“At the end of the day if my children are happy then I am happy. As a family we compromise and take into account everyone’s needs and requirements,” another confessed.

Today’s hectic lifestyles extend well outside the working world. So when you’re giving your kids a well-earned rest from the classroom, it’s worth making sure nothing gets in the way of that much-needed relaxation time by ensuring you have adequate travel insurance.