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21 Feb

Parents reject fines for term time holidays


Parents reject fines for term time holidays

Parents reject fines for term time holidays

New rules put into place last September designed to prevent parents from taking their children out of school during term time for holidays are proving ineffective, new research suggests.

Almost two fifths of participants in a survey from Halifax bank said they would simply pay the penalties of £60 per child implemented in 2013, particularly if they could make savings upwards of £500.

The fines rise to £120 if they are not paid within the first seven days of the parents being notified, with a potential £2,500 for those who refuse to hand over the cash, plus three months served in prison.

Richard Fearon, Head of Halifax Savings, said of the research: “Parents’ finances are being squeezed; with the new rules on fines for taking children out of school during term time on one side and increased prices for holidays during the summer on the other.

“Some parents are prepared to risk a fine if they can get a cheaper holiday.”

He added that, while many families are working hard to pay for treats such as holidays, it is vitally important they maintain a healthy saving habit.

The survey also provided an interesting insight into how parents pay for their holidays, with the number of children involved proving to be a decisive factor.

Those with one child were more likely to use their current account, while those with two would more often employ savings, and those with three, a credit card.

While the UK was the most popular holiday destination last year, southern Europe looks set to be the new favourite as people seek refuge from the storms that have battered Britain this past month.

Airlines and booking agents in the travel industry have come under fire for hiking their prices during the summer holidays when parents are looking to travel with their children, as reflected in the increase of online petitions that have been set up asking Parliament to discuss the issue.